Cookies + Cheetos + Donuts

MOOD: onigiri- sweating (Getting Fat)
Quote Of The Day: “Whoa! Another cookie!” -Intern Canton Cook

Thank you Jesus today is Friday! Ugh. I did have an awesome night of sleep once I did fall asleep. At first, it was noisy outside, and I couldn’t sleep, then the little heated water bag thing that I use to keep me warm at night started leaking! Come to find out, reason A didn’t tighten the lid enough, so it was dripping and got my bed all wet! Blah!! I know, I am such a wimp for having to use a little water bag every night, in matter of fact, I feel like a grandma. Cuz don’t old people need the heat pad at night?? ROFLMAO! But it keeps me from cramping when I’m on my “womanly duties” and now I’ve gotten use to just having it all the time. >_>

Today I stuffed my face with lots of snacks. I’m trying out a new cookie!! Lili told me I’m not allowed to show her random pics of cookies anymore. Lol. So far, we’ve done Polish, Russian and this time its Italian!! Woohoo!!

2013-05-17 07.52.45

2013-05-17 09.05.57

2013-05-17 09.07.12

These are lady fingers! Which are pretty common I guess. Usually they are served with some cream or pudding or something that can moisten the cookies. I don’t like cream of any kind so I don’t have a problem at all eating them plain. My goal is to try all the countries they have at the Farmer’s Market. Lol!! Don’t know what country I’m trying next. O_o The cookies are kinda rough for texture, I’m not a big fan of that, but they have a very nice taste!! The taste is slightly sweet and melts in your mouth! XD


Then I got some Jalapeño Cheetos from Intern Canton Cook.


Lastly, a sales rep stopped by today and brought Dunkin’ Donuts! Oh boy… There goes my lard ass! *FAILS*


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