Random Tuesday Pictures…

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Lalala)
Quote Of The Day: “I could eat potato leaves for the rest of my life!!” -Juse

Haven’t shared random pics in a while so lets get started!!

shredded tofu

A dish from last week’s dinner I think. Its shredded tofu!! Bet you didn’t even know they had these! Lol.

curry chicken

reason A’s curry chicken is amazeballs!! I heart it so much!! XD

bean sprouts

Bean sprout salad from a few days ago. Not a big fan, but very healthy, so we worked it into our diet.

potato stems and leaves

Potato leaves!! O’man!! In love with this new veggie!! I’ve had it for dinner 3 times in 2 weeks!! So good!

red amaranth

How gorgeous is this veggie?? Its red amaranth!! I think mostly Asians eat it? I’ve honestly never had it til recently. We’ve been trying to incorporate more variety into our diet and this is yummy too!!

persian cucumbers

Persian cucumbers!! I love cucumbers ever since I was a kid! Its crunchy, and healthy, gives me something to munch on. I like Kirby cucumbers most, but these were alright too. reason A really likes them.


Whoa baby!! Huge blackberries! Never had ones this big, and they were yummy!! Woohoo!!

chinese almond cookie

Now for the unhealthy stuff. Lol!! An almond cookie from Intern Canton Cook.

russian cookie

A huge ass Russian cookie!! Man it was big!! Isn’t it pretty?? Unfortunately, it didn’t taste that great. >_> It has hazelnut and raisins! Nooo!! I hate raisins in my cookies! Gahhh!! >_<


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