Dinner With My Peeps @ Samurai Blue!

MOOD: onigiri- googlie eyes (Gosh…)
Quote Of The Day: “She striped me butt ass naked and left me like that.” -Mikey

So yesterday afternoon Toan texted me out the blue and asked me if I had plans for the night. Of course I didn’t cuz I never make plans on a weekday, cuz of how much commuting I have to do, and I have to get up super early the next morning. He said he wanted to have dinner. I was very reluctant to go. I told him, why can’t we do it on the weekend? But he won’t be in town again. It’s so hard to catch him even though he’s back working in Atlanta! >_< Honestly, I love Toan to death! He’s such a nice guy! If I had any single friends, I’d definitely introduce them to him! They’d have to be a super tiny girl though, cuz Toan is a tiny guy. Hehehe. =)

Anyways, so he insisted that I go, he said Mikey and Adriana are also gonna be there. I love hanging out with them!! XD But I kept saying no, and finally he said “I’ll pay for your dinner AND come pick you up!!” I was like well shit! I just sound like an asshole if I kept saying no, and I knew reason A was NOT going to be thrilled with me hanging out on a weekday but oh well!

They had made plans to go to Samurai Blue at 8pm. As to why we were hanging out, it unfortunately wasn’t due to anything good. Without being disrespectful, I can only say that Adriana wasn’t feeling well so we were meeting up for dinner cuz she was finally feeling good enough to come out. I had never been to Samurai Blue before but I am always open to Jap food! We tried our best to cheer her up! She didn’t eat much and we super over ordered. I ended up taking a small to go box with me for reason A.

It wasn’t really as much about the food as it was about the people! I love hanging out and catching up with them! We talked about old times, about OMX, since we all worked there, and about our memories. Then we talked about how we each are now, etc. We stayed til about 10pm, when they closed and headed home. The food was alright. I think my favorite Jap place is still Mt. Fuji in Mississippi. But then again, I never order rolls, and this time we ordered 9 rolls!! OMG! Adriana had hibachi and me, Mikey and Toan killed the rolls. Lol! Let’s take a look:


We got flowers for Adriana!! I picked them out cuz her favorite color is purple! Kroger was ghetto, I had to wrap the damn flowers myself too cuz there was no associate who knew how to do it! *KROGER FAIL*


Sushi, Tuna roll, and BBQ Eel roll.

Camera 360

Rolls galore!! Volcano rolls, Samurai Blue roll, Tiger Eye rolls, and I have no clue what else. Lol!!

I really hope Adriana feels better soon! Get well soon girl! Me and Kenny are praying for you! ^^;


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