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Nothing To Look At Here… Just New Shoes And Kids In Cages…

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Quote Of The Day: “Well that’s what she gets for being a dumbass…” -reason A

So… Starting off the morning addressing my “shoe with a hole” issue. Traffic wasn’t that bad yesterday when I got off work, so I decided to stop by Burlington and take a look at their shoe department cuz I was still in search of my “usual” black flats that I always wear to work. Folks that work with me both at OMX and at this job know that I love some flats for work. Technically I should love heels cuz of how short I am compared to my co-workers, plus I don’t do much walkin’ at work, but I am a casual all day of the week girl! Lol. I didn’t always start off this relaxed. The first 6 months of work, I dressed real formal, then I just started to not care. -__-;;

Anyways, so after a long time of searching cuz I refuse to pay a lot for my work shoes, I finally found them! Dude!! They are butt ugly grandma flats, with a blunt square tip but guess what?? They were only $9.99!! Hell yeah! The goal is to always find work flats for less than $20! Honestly Burlington was a pleasant surprise cuz they had quite a few flats for that price. I actually saw a pair of orange ones that I liked way better, but they were $14.99. Still cheap! But Didn’t really match anything I have. And I don’t know how I feel about dressing tacky everyday at work. Lol!! I might go back and get them if I come across random money again. Tehehe. XD Here are my grandma flats!!

0 square picture template

Second thing we’re gonna talk about is something I saw on the news last night right before bed that made me go:


So I saw this on the internet yesterday morning while catching up on some news, but I saw the actual news story on the evening news last night. Two parents from Pennsylvania (Abbey Carlson and Thomas Fishinger) were driving down the road with their 10 year old daughter in a CAGE in the back of their pickup truck. Someone saw and called the police. Now, that’s not even the shocking part. The part that had me and reason A looking at each other like “WTF?!” was that they took it upon themselves to call the TV station to come and interview them cuz… Bless their little hearts, they thought that once you heard their “explanation” then everyone would understand! Ok…

So I’m watching as the mother says “I didn’t figure it was a big deal cuz we weren’t going far…” Um… So its really just a distance issue for her. Like if it was across country then of course it would be inhumane to put a kid in a cage on the back of a truck, but just down the street? Yeah… sounds kosher. Lol!! Really?? But get this, that’s not even the “DAFUQ” moment. That moment came, when apparently the family has a dog. Stepdad said to reporter “Well the dog doesn’t like being in the cage, so we put the dog in the front seat and had no choice but to put the daughter in the cage”. Yup. U heard me right. That’s what he said on TV. Reporter was like O__O;; Ahahaha. But how about reporter said “But does it occur to you that the dog is just gonna have to deal with it and be in the cage and the child rides in the car?” The dad replied “No cuz the dog will cry and that’ll be like animal abuse!!” Now let’s all stop and take a moment here… (*Inserts long pause) Go ahead. Stop and think about that… I rest my case.

Posture, The Thing That Saves U From Being An Even SMALLER Asian Lady

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I’ve been trying to work on my posture. reason A recently told me from a newspaper article she read, that good posture while working a desk job can help you burn an extra 500 calories a day I think! I admit I have horrible posture, and it’s a bad habit from my school days, slouching in my desk and now since I’m an adult, it’s hard to break. Reason A is ALWAYS correcting my posture. She tells me to either sit up straight or use the backrest in chairs/sofas, etc. I do neither. *FAILS* I have noticed that when I sit Indian style (legs folded) that I tend to sit up straighter. Imagine how fobby I look sitting Indian style in an office chair!! Ahaha. But I’m doing it as we speak. >_>

I also need to watch my posture for when I’m old. I don’t wanna be one of those old ladies with a hunched back. I’m already short enough as it is!! I need to stand/sit up as straight as I can to get my full height potential!! Ahaha.

In other news, for the past couple of days, Bossman has been coming to work super early. I wonder if its cuz he’s trying to be sneaky and see if he can catch us slacking off?? Which I admittedly do. Now he’s cutting into my music listening time in the mornings! Nooo!! >_< He usually doesn’t come in til 11am everyday but he’s been coming in at 9 for the past 2 days!! Auhhhh!! Por que?? Esta no bueno!! Lol.

Back To Work = Kill Me Now, Then Revive Me Later

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Quote Of The Day: “He would listen for the one key word he recognized and then be like “Yeah.. Ok, Yeah!” Ahahaha.” -Juse

Man I’m having a rough start back to my work week!! I already woke up feeling a little grumpy cuz I didn’t sleep well last night. Then first thing this morning, I get a call from a personal debt collector at my work!! Auhhh!! Are they at it again? Ugh. Please stop harassing me at work. -__-;; Usually its an automated message, but this time it was a real person. *GULPS* I think there is some type of law against debt collectors harassing someone at work? I need to look into that. >_>

I still hadn’t heard anything about my INS case, so I was all anxious about that. I’m suppose to call back Thursday cuz dude told me to call back at the 45 day mark to check up on my status. I think I’m going to remain in this tense feeling until I get an update. @__@;;

The worst part was this morning I got a phone call from a client who is actually a client of a customer of ours. Since we do B2B at work and not B2C, we actually don’t deal with the bottom line consumer. She was irate about something, and some idiot gave her our phone number and I became the scapegoat that picked up the phone and got the good tongue lashing. Ugh!! It’s not even my fault, and it’s not something I can resolve on my end!! Stop yelling at me!! *DIES*

She was upset which in turn made me upset, and all over something I didn’t have control over!! Where the hell is the sense of responsibility?? If this is your customer then take care of this shit!! Why are you pushing it onto someone else? It’s just gonna come back to haunt your ass, so do it right the first time!! The client told me the name of the girl that had gave her our number, and I sure as hell called that company and gave them a piece of my mind and although it took all damn day… Guess what?? Shit got resolved!! Now THAT’S how you solve a damn issue! Whew!!

Afternoon and evening lightened up for me however, cuz one; I got my new memory card for my phone delivered, and I immediately started loading my music back onto it. I haven’t gotten around to putting the pics on it yet. That might take another week considering I’m moving at turtle speed today. -__-;;

Another thing that made my day was I went online to look at how much my utilities were for this month, cuz I was doing some budgeting and come to find out I won’t have to pay anything for utilities this month cuz I got a $150 water deposit refund and it covered my whole bill with $40 left over for next month!! Woohoo!! I was ecstatic! Nothing makes a person happier than randomly coming across money! Lol. Thankgoodness my evening ended well cuz that sure was a crappy morning!

Carpet Cleaning? Check!

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Quote Of The Day: “Go weigh yourself. I think I see ur gut shrinking as we’re cleaning the carpet! This is a workout!” -reason A

Happy Memorial Day folks!! I have today off!! Woohoo!! I haven’t done anything eventful this 3 day weekend, but then again, I never do. *FAILS* Please take this time to give thanks to all who have or are still serving our country.  Memorial Day shouldn’t be just “BBQ Day” but it should be a time for us all to reflect and remember that freedom is really not free, and there are many who have died for us, so we can be in the comfort of our homes and BBQ. Lol.

Woke up early today to do chores and wash the damn carpet!! We have a small, home use deep cleaner that we bought a long time ago. We got it when we got our vacuum cleaner back in the old apartment. We only used it like twice I think? This is our first time using it in the new place. This is why I hate carpet. Ugh!! I feel like hardwood floors are so much easier to clean! You just wipe it!! But carpet you have to vacuum and then occasionally deep clean! Booo!! I would just hire a expert, since it’s so cheap. I think it’s like $99 for 3 rooms?? But reason A hates having strangers in her house so she refuses to hire someone. -__-;; Since it is a small use deep cleaner after all, we had to wash, refill and rinse a total of like 5 times!! That shit was no joke! OMG. I am knocked out! And the funny part comes when there is no place for me and reason A to sit once we’re done. Lol!! Every place is wet! *FAILS* We did manage to let the carpet dry a good bit before sun went down so at least we didn’t have to deal with wet carpet at night. @__@;; There goes my Memorial Day! Lol. Now it’s back to the hell hole tomorrow. -__-;;

Date With Le Hubby + Procrastination

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Quote Of The Day: “Let me check on Mr. Teddy to see if you’ve been abusing him!” -Kenny

Got my ass up super early to video chat with Kenny. Had to do it early cuz he has work tomorrow so he can’t go to bed too late. I am so damn worn out. @__@;; Today’s plan was to wash the carpet. Me and reason A have been meaning to do that for a while, but we never got around to it. It’s like laundry. You know you gotta do it but you always dread it. Lol. After he went to bed, I had lunch with reason A and felt SUPER sleepy. I told her I was gonna nap for 2 hours and when I wake up, we can wash the carpet. I did wake up after 2 hours, but we didn’t end up washing the carpet, cuz it was already 5pm. reason A said that it was too hot to keep all windows and doors open, there wasn’t enough time to dry the carpet, and mosquitoes would be coming in likes it’s a party, so we decided to get up early tomorrow to do it.

Start Of 3 Day Weekend = Did Shit

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Quote Of The Day: “So you’re not gonna video chat with me??” -Kenny

Today is the first day of my 3 day weekend!! Woohoo! Last time I had one was back around New Years!! Can you believe it? I don’t like the first half of the year, cuz there are few holidays. It gets much better second half of the year cuz there’s Labor Day, 4th Of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all that jazz. I know Kenny wanted to video chat today, but I was so damn sleepy. I slept through the whole morning. @__@;; I texted him around noon time to tell him I got up, and he wanted to video chat, but reason A was calling me for lunch. I promised I’d get up super early to video chat with him tomorrow. Have mercy on me!! A girl needs some sleep! Lol.

Boredom Kills On A Friday + Next Weekend Plans

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Quote Of The Day: “I hope they’re paying you the big bucks there cuz you’re freakin’ awesome!!” -Katie

Yesterday was ridiculously painful. I was bored out of my mind and could feel myself slowly losing sanity. I felt like the dude in those old school commercials about how he has faster internet, and he was browsing and eventually came across the page that said “You have reached the end of the internet”. ROFLMAO!! I felt like I was running out of things to browse!! Lawd have mercy!! Mainly it was borning cuz Bossman was here all day walkin’ around and I had to “pretend” like I was actually doing some work. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing it but there was none to be done!! Business has been slow so that means I have less paperwork too. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. >_>

Another reason I was ridiculously bored is cuz Kenny went to bed early and Lili left for her vacay with hubby already. Usually me and Lili will text throughout the day. Like literally from 8am to about 4 or so when she gets off I think. If I don’t have blog entries I need to catch up on, then I’ll just be texting all day. Ah, the good life. NOT!! Lol.

I am glad that today I talked to Katie and Tanya. I felt like I haven’t talked to them in forever, and I think it’s an EPIC FAIL that we live down the street from each other and haven’t hung out in over a year to two years. WTF?? Last time I saw Katie was when I went to visit her and the babies when they were first born. Now the babies are over a year old!! O’man! I suck as an Auntie! Lol. Tanya and I rarely get to see each other since I stopped working at OMX, we only see each other on birthdays and such but since I haven’t really been celebrating my birthday, we haven’t hung out.

Next Sat. Katie finally gets a day off! (From the babies) so me, Katie and Tanya are gonna go hang out! Thank you Jesus!! I’m sure reason A is NOT going to be happy about this, but oh well. Honestly speaking, I think she’s not too thrilled with me hanging around Katie that much anymore cuz she had kids. reason A is always so quick to judge folks by the decisions they’ve made in life. She doesn’t want me hanging around folks who she has deemed to have made “dumb” decisions. It pisses me off that she judges my friends like that, but there’s nothing I can do about it really.

Samsung Galaxy S3… U Murderer!! >_<

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Quote Of The Day: “What the f@ck is an unloading fee?” -Intern Jon

So had a hectic and crucial day today cuz my phone was acting up! Honestly, I haven’t had the damn phone for even a year yet, and you’re giving me issues?? Get it together Samsung!! You know I love supporting my folks and all, but can ya’ll work on this damn software? Anyways, so I was loading new music onto my external memory card, when it suddenly froze!! Not only that but it got unmounted from the phone!! (For those of you who don’t know, that essentially means it got ejected) >_<

My phone had killed a memory card before this, so I did learn my lesson and decided to keep a copy of everything on the external memory card on my computer as well. I don’t think I lost too many things. I do have to reload all my pictures, music, videos, files, etc. when I get a new memory card. Yeah, this one can’t be saved. X___X;; I can’t even reformat it! Noooo!!! This damn memory card was $47!!!

2013-05-24 15.55.09

Well the good news is that I ordered a new one and got the new one at $27 which is much much better, and that will be delivered on Tuesday! Woohoo!! Besides the memory card being fried, I thought there was also something wrong with the card reading slot, but I restarted my phone a few times, and now it’s reading again. For this weekend, I’m just gonna just use my little 8GB backup.

Another good news is I get Monday off!! Woohoo!! The one of very few holidays I actually get at this job. Ugh… I don’t have anything planned cuz I’m a bum of course. Hanging out with le reason A and le hubby. Lol.

Fast Music But Not Fast Cars + Don’t Pull That Shady Shit With Me!!

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Quote Of The Day: “If he hit you once, he’ll hit you again, I don’t understand why this dumb girl stayed with him!” -reason A

So I don’t fall behind again, I better get this blog started. Lol. So yesterday while driving home from work, I was listening to this:

2013-05-23 10.12.16

The Fast & Furious 6 Soundtrack!! I love the Fast & Furious series!! I love how I’m not a big fan of cars or driving and I’m a big chicken when it comes to anything adrenaline pumping but I like watching this! Lol. Maybe its cuz there is a tiny adventurous side to me and I just wanna live vicariously through folks racing their asses off in the movie! Ahaha. I hate Nascar, but I love me some street racing!! Woohoo!! Also, my favorite Chinese rapper, MC Jin is on the album! I freakin’ love this song!

This is really music you can bump to! But the problem was traffic was REALLY bad yesterday on 285. So I posted on Facebook:

2013-05-23 11.06.30

Lol, it was like I felt like picking up speed to go in sync with the music, but my ass was not budging!! Lol.

Ok, so onto the shady stuff. So this morning we get a phone call from our health insurance agent. He was talkin’ to Ms. Lee about submitting paperwork to our payroll company so the correct amount is deducted from our checks for health insurance since now we have to pay a portion of it ourselves. Before the company paid for 100% of our insurance!! We paid nothing!! That was the best benefit of this company! We don’t get overtime pay, don’t get gas compensation, don’t get sick or vacation days, but we did get full coverage insurance. But now cuz we’ve fallen on hard times (so Bossman says) he is asking that we start paying 30% of our premium and he’ll pay 70%. By law, the employer can ask employees to pay up to 50% of the total premium. Our insurance is roughly $410 a month. That means it’s about $120 we have to pay out of pocket per person.

But please tell me why when he was confirming all the info with Ms. Lee this morning, he said that it was going to be 50/50%! WHAT??? Bossman said we only had to pay 30%!! When did it turn to 50%!! Nooo!! That’s over $200!! I can’t afford that!! That’s outrageous!! Ms. Lee said, how could that be? Bossman had a meeting last Friday with all the employees and specifically said it will be 30% out of pocket which is roughly $120! Then the agent said but he was told 50%! Ms. Lee was like what?? Who told you that? Bossman?? And agent said Bossman’s wife called in and said change it to 50%!! WHAT THE F@CK??? How can you go behind all our backs and change it to 50% without notifying us or getting our consent!!? Isn’t that against the law?? What if agent didn’t call Ms. Lee?? That means we would have been in for a huge surprise when we got our paychecks and all that money was taken out! And worst part is we couldn’t change it til after a year when this cycle is up!! WHAT?? How effin’ shady is that!!

I can’t believe she did that behind our backs! So we all started freakin’ out, cuz none of us agreed to that! So later on Bossman came in, and Ms. Lee immediately ran to ask him, but he ignored her. Oh boy. We were starting to worry that he changed his mind and also agreed we should do 50%! Nooo!!! But Ms. Lee secretly called the agent and told the agent to call and talk to Bossman right now cuz he’s in the office, and confirm that it was 30%, so he did, and I snuck over the Bossman’s office and listened, and he did say it was going to be 30%! Whew!! O’man!! I’m so glad he gave the final word! His effin’ wife is cheaper than he is!! OMG!!! F@ck her!! >_<

Staples Rewards = New Toy For Juse!

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Quote Of The Day: “Oh, Oh! I want one!!” -Kenny

Whew!! Finally caught up on blog posts!! Why the hell did it take me til today?? Ugh. Anyways, had a much better day today. Bossman left in the afternoon, and I had a new toy to play with!! Yays! Yesterday after work, I stopped by Staples to spend my gift cards. I had two for a total of $40!! Hell yeah!! And they actually had something I needed! I have been looking for this damn thing everywhere, but no one has it!! Lets take a look at it first:

2013-05-21 19.20.38

So this is a Bluetooth adapter for computers/laptops. Basically it allows you to connect your Bluetooth ear piece for cell phones to your computer or laptop!! This way you don’t need earphones or a microphone to video chat or listen to stuff on your laptop in privacy! OMG. When I video chat with Kenny on the weekend, I have like a million wires going on. One for microphone, one for ear phones, one for webcam, etc. Too many damn wires!! Now I’ll only have one! The one for the webcam!! Woohoo!! I hate cords and wires, I wish everything was wireless!! I tried it out last night on the laptop and today on the work computer and it works great!! Now I can watch YouTube at work and listen to the audio or listen to music on the computer without transferring it to my phone first! Muaahahaha!! So damn happy. It was kinda expensive though, it was $29.99, with the rest of the money, I got a lunch container thing, although I don’t even bring lunch. *FAIL*

Another random thing is Bossman’s wife stopped by today and brought us Mini M&M chocolate chipped cookies!!

2013-05-22 13.49.25

They were way too sweet though. No bueno. -__-;;