Its Today, No Its Not Today… Ok, It Is Today…

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Gahhh)
Quote Of The Day: “Do you not remember any of the convo we had last night??” -Juse

So this morning just pissed me the hell off! Kenny wanted to video chat today. He told me this on Thursday I think? We’ve both had a long week, but it feels like we haven’t seen each other in a long time!! I think it’s been going on 2 months now. I hung out with Lili one weekend, and then had to run errands the next, then I was out of town for one weekend, so all in all we haven’t had time to video chat! So we had decided to do it today. But then on Friday, reason A told me she wanted to go shopping and to get her hair done today, so yesterday I told Kenny that I can’t video chat with him today and we can move it to Sunday. I’ll just have to get up even earlier cuz he has to sleep early on Sunday night cuz he works the next day.

But then last night, reason A decided we’ll just go Mother’s Day weekend instead, so then I texted Kenny and said we’re going shopping Mother’s Day weekend instead and that I “can” video chat with him today and he was like ok. Well, I got my ass up all early this morning and got dressed, tidied the room a bit and did hair and makeup and all that good stuff, please tell me why when I called Kenny he was asleep. WTF!! I was upset!! He said he thought we were gonna video chat tomorrow. I’m like, do you not remember the text convo we had last night?? I told you my plans were cancelled and that we were gonna video chat today! Ugh!! He said all this changing around thing confused him, but in reality he’s just being a typical guy and he doesn’t listen!

But anyways, so he did get his ass up and video chat with me, cuz I said since you’re already in bed, we’ll just do it next week, and he was like “Why can’t we do it tomorrow?” And I told him its cuz he needs to sleep early tomorrow cuz he has work the next day! And plus I already got my ass up super early today, I don’t wanna have to do it tomorrow too!! I’ll die if there’s not one day I get to sleep in! Auhhh!

All in all it ended well cuz we did end up video chatting and that was the highlight of my day. Lol.


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