Randomeness + Over Budget

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever(Merrrr…)
Quote Of The Day: “It looked like a dog got a hold of it!” -Juse

Not that bad of a day today at all really. Nothing exciting happened. I think I’m over budget for the month. I hate when that happens. Must have been all this impulse buying and now I realize there are some things I need to do! One, need an oil change. Think I’m at least 1000 miles overdue. >_< Two, need new shoes. There’s a hole in my right shoe so when it rains, water gets in. *FAILS* Three, reason A said she wants to change the locks. That’s a lot of money! Hopefully I can change 2 locks with just $100 or less? Ugh. Five, Earlene asked me to pay her back some money. Ugh. I promised to pay her back $100. And six, reason A wants to go shopping this weekend. Really it’s for me cuz I need new clothes. But I might get her something too, cuz Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Ugh.

But other than that, I’m having a good day. Lol. A good makeup day = a good day in general! And tomorrow is Friday so woohoo!! XD


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