Le Business Trippy Day 5: Good Breakfast + Chilaxing + Cam-Whoring + Panera Lunch

MOOD: onigiri- terrified(Walkin’ Dead)
Quote Of The Day: “Damn you rain! Damn you!!” -Intern Jon

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We’re almost in the home stretch folks!! We’re leaving tomorrow night! Thank you Jesus!! I miss home so much! >_< I didn’t sleep well last night. Although this new hotel room does have AC, but it’s a new bed, and every time I switch beds, I’m screwed. -__-;; Besides that, my face is breaking out, must be cuz of this new facial cleanser I used, and also cuz  its dry up here, and I’m wearing heavier makeup for longer periods of time. *FAILS* And my contacts are bothering the shit out of me, cuz I really shouldn’t be wearing them for this man hours in a day. Ugh!! >_<

When I went downstairs to meet up with Intern Jon, we saw Charles. He came to meet up with us. Charles is one of Bossman’s friends, he is also in the business, and we often go to expos together. He is kool as hell. I’d love to leave Bossman and go work for him instead. Lol. Because we had Charles, we decided to do a legit breakfast instead of the usual McDonald’s run! We went back to Carolina’s Diner, cuz they’re kinda like Waffle House and do breakfast all day long. I had a super super awesome breakfast!!

2013-04-19 08.35.51

Meat lovers omelet, toast, grits, and hash browns!! Amazeballs!! XD

After breakfast we went to the showroom, but there was not a warm body in sight. Rather sad, I think this location has us doomed for failure. Oh well! There’s nothing we can do about that. I actually felt pretty entailed to slack off since we worked so hard the first 4 days. Intern Jon and Charles decided go out walkin’ around, and so I stayed at the showroom to hold down the fort! I was bored out my damn mind. Kenny was already asleep and so I called reason A. We talked for about an hour or so, and my Intern and Charles still weren’t back yet. Honestly, I was starting to get hungry. Lol. When no one is around, there’s only one thing you should be doing, and that is cam-whoring!! Woohoo!! Here’s some Juse cuteness! XD



Why does my expression make me look like a kid in this pic? Lol.

Finally I texted Intern Jon and asked if they were ever coming back and that’s when they realized that they forgot all about me and the fact that I hadn’t had lunch! Nooo!! So he finally came back with a turkey sammie from Panera. This is my first time having a sammie from them, it was good! I’ve had their loaf bread before, but not sammies, and they have the best damn kettle cooked chips ever!! OMG, so damn good!

Camera 360

We initially thought Charles was gonna join us for dinner. If he did then we were planning to go to Thai Chaing Mai again, cuz he’s never been, but he ended up leaving early. Booo!! Then in the afternoon, we had horrible storms and a tornado warning!! We stayed til about almost 7pm cuz we weren’t trying to run in the rain, since the car was parked far, but because of that, we became very limited as to where we could have dinner. Both due to the horrible weather, and that the damn city closes up shop super early!! Some of their restaurants close at 8:30pm! WTF!

We ended up settling with J & S Café. Its kinda like a Piccadilly’s? Its kinda cafeteria like stuff. Intern Jon got country fried steak, which he said was sup par, and this is what I got:

2013-04-19 19.30.22

Seafood platter. Shrimp, fish, crab cake, fries and hush puppies which I don’t eat. *FAILS*. It was alright, nothing great. Made me miss the awesome seafood plate I had at Pappdeaux!!


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