Le Business Trippy Day 4: Moving Cribs + Reuben Lunch + Browsing + Thai Chaing Mai!!

MOOD: onigiri- so freckin' happy (Woohoo!)
Quote Of The Day: “My name is Todd.” -Todd

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Morning was rough, because Intern Jon booked the hotel for the wrong dates, so when he realized it and went back to change the dates, they were booked full for the rest of the week, so we had no choice but to book 2 hotels for this trip. Monday through last night we did one hotel, tonight when we get off work, we’ll check into the second one, and stay there through Saturday or Friday night. Man I hate packing halfway during my stay and keep on moving around!! Ugh! When I settle down I REALLY settle down so it’s hard for me to pick shit back up and repack. Ugh.

I was so tired last night, I decided that I’d just go to bed early, and get my ass up super early to pack this morning. I already had to wake up early anyways, cuz today was the official start of expo, so we had to be at the showroom by 8am. But did that happen? Of course not, cuz Intern Jon can’t get his ass up on time to save his soul, so we ended up getting to the showroom about 9am. We stopped for McDonald’s for breakfast. Sometimes I detest American breakfast. I mean, I love the whole waffles, and bacon and eggs, and all that, but I mean breakfast on the go. Please tell me why we’ve been having biscuit every damn morning but just from different places? Lol. We had a chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a, country fried steak biscuit from Biscuitville, and this morning I got another chicken biscuit from McDonalds. *FAILS*

For lunch we had Jersey Mike’s. I think this is my first time having Jersey Mike’s. I’m not much of a sub person at all. So I never have it if I get to choose. My interns love Jimmy Johns, so we’ve had that in the past. This time I got something I NEVER get! Grilled pastrami reuben! Lol. I don’t even like sour stuff! WTF! Anyways… I just wanted something hot to eat I think. I like my drinks icy cold and my food piping hot! Lol. For what it was, it was pretty good. Don’t think I’ll ever get it again though. Its one of those, once a year things. >_>

2013-04-18 14.06.43

2013-04-18 13.50.50

In the afternoon, me and Intern Jon played hookie from work and decided to go browsing! We saw a shit ton of interesting stuff, so I’m gonna share! XD

2013-04-18 17.07.29

OMFG!! I love this chair so damn much! If I had an awesome house, I’d buy this chair!! XD

2013-04-18 17.08.06

Another version of that chair, this would look awesome in a den, or an office! XD

2013-04-18 17.16.40

2013-04-18 17.17.16

They had a flower shop!! Awww… I naturally gravitate towards this stuff cuz reason A use to do this for a living…

2013-04-18 17.18.04

Christmas in April?? O_o Such pretty colors though!! XD

2013-04-18 17.17.38

WTF!! They had an upside down Christmas tree! Lol. Pretty epic. XD

2013-04-18 17.25.55

We checked in at Winners Only, Inc! Hell yeah!! Lol.

2013-04-18 17.32.32

I want this tree!! No damn clue where we gonna put it but I wanted one!! OMG. The whole thing lights up. @__@;;

2013-04-18 17.34.17

Pretty kool foosball table we saw! Very sleek…

2013-04-18 17.41.06

The wall of all the folks that came before us. In other words, they are either millionaires now or dead. Lol.

2013-04-18 17.42.52

2013-04-18 17.43.09

Mini skyline view of outside!! We were on an outside walkway, super kool.

For dinner, we tried another new place!! This time, we did Thai!! I effin’ LOVE Thai!! XD OMG. I was so excited we found this place! And the name was super epic! The place is called Thai Chaing Mai! Lol!! We freakin’ loved this place!! It was hot and humid and you barely had elbow space, but at the same time it felt so authentic! Our server was so effin’ funny!! He was really dark skinned, and come to find out he’s Cambodian. He asked me and Jon where we’re from and said that that will determine how he treats us. Ahaha!! Since I’m Asian, we got the hook up!! Their menu which I forgot to take a pic of was funny as shit, cuz it was just one page front and back, but how about the whole backside was alcohol! Ahaha. There was more alcohol than actual dishes on the menu. O__O;;

In the very end, it didn’t really matter, cuz what we ended up getting wasn’t even on the damn menu! *DIES* our server told us that he’s gonna hook us up with some good food, and he knows we’ll love it! We had no idea what we ordered and just let him bring whatever, and Intern Jon was like, “This man could be running up our tab and we don’t even know it. Damn!” Lol!! But the food was SOOOO damn good. It was literally the best damn Thai I’ve ever had in my life! I’d drive up there just for the damn Thai! Lol. The funniest part is after we finished eating, he asked us for our names. We said Sandy and Jon. And he said, “Why do you have such an Americanized name and lookin’ so damn Asian!!” So we were like, so what’s your name?? How about dude bust out with TODD. Ahaha! We both looked at him like oh hell naw!! It’s a Cambodian dude named Todd!! Lol. Gotta go back again! It was awesome!!

2013-04-18 19.54.28

They even had a live band playing!! It was odd though cuz the music resembled the Caribbeans. @__@;; That was throwing me off. Lol.

2013-04-18 20.58.54

The awesome soup we had! No damn clue what its called, but it had chicken and shrimp and mushrooms, and was salty and sour as shit! But it was really good. @__@;;

2013-04-18 20.28.01

I really really liked this pad thai. I think it was beef?? It had a very unique flavor, and the flavor was really really strong!

2013-04-18 20.59.52

Me and Intern Jon killed this bowl!! Its white curry duck I think?? I know its some kind of curry duck. Lol. It had potatoes and pineapple it in too! Me and Intern Jon don’t eat pineapple in cooked foods, so we picked it out, but it gave a great taste to the dish itself! So freakin’ yummy in le tummy!! XD


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