Le Business Trippy Day 1: Stuffing Face + Road Trip + Shopping

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Dizzy)
Quote Of The Day: “This place isn’t authentic cuz everyone speaks good English!” -Intern Jon

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Went into work mad early this morning. I wanted to grab my check, wrap up some paperwork and be in and out in no time. Manager wasn’t there at the time, so I had planned to dip before noon. I’m not clocking in so he won’t know what time I left right?? Muahaha. So I did just that and ended up leaving around 10am. Score~! Then I was thinking about stopping by Ulta again since its so rare that I would have plenty of time to stop by there, but I checked their ad, and they didn’t have anything good on sale, and I was so tired, so I decided to just pass. I got home around 11am, ate some lunch since I didn’t have breakfast, and attempted to take a nap. That was an epic fail, cuz I kept looking at my phone, wondering when Intern Jon was gonna come get me.

He was actually pretty on time, so we left around 3ish. We decided to stuff our faces before hitting the road! We went to Cho Won, but they were closed. *FAILS* So we went to Iron Age instead. Its another Korean BBQ place. Intern Canton Cook said it was pretty good, but honestly, I like Cho Won WAY WAY better! Intern Jon kept complaining that the feeling wasn’t “authentic” enough cuz everyone there spoke good English and we were actually hoping for some rude middle aged ajummas who didn’t speak English. Ahahahaha! We also weren’t familiar with how their system worked. In Cho Won, everything is self served basically. You get your own stuff, and they just grill it for you. But here, they bring you the meat in the order you request. We were confused. Lol!! Should have asked for the marinated ones first. *FAILS* Lets take a look at the damage. XD

2013-04-15 15.12.19

2013-04-15 15.17.50

2013-04-15 15.18.08

2013-04-15 15.30.36

2013-04-15 15.41.29

2013-04-15 15.46.50

Then after Iron Age, we went to Mozart across the street, and my intern got a big ass bag of shit to eat on the road! Oh boy!

2013-04-15 16.20.01

Intern Jon’s big ass bag of sweets!

2013-04-15 16.34.10

I tried one of this almond cake thingies. Awesome good!!

2013-04-15 17.16.41

Got me a box of madeleines!

I was stuffed, and then get this folks… We stopped for Starbucks. *DIES*

2013-04-15 17.20.00

Coffee would just have been too heavy for me at that moment so I got iced green tea lemonade. Its refreshing! Lili told me about it when we went to Mall of Georgia last weekend. We got in really late to NC, because we stopped by Ikea to pick up some decorations for the showroom. We actually didn’t find as much stuff as we were hoping. Now we’re not sure if we have to come back tomorrow. *FAILS*

2013-04-15 20.02.55

Random floor lamp that we saw at Ikea. Thought it was cute! XD

2013-04-15 20.52.03

Our damage. We got A LOT of shit. >_>

Since it was so late when we got it, we had a burger for dinner. It arguably was one of the worst burgers I’ve ever had. FML. -__-

2013-04-15 22.51.45

Le awful burger and a random corndog. >_>

2013-04-15 19.10.23

One more random thing!! While driving through South Carolina, I saw a big ass peach!! WHAT?? Georgia should have that!! You thieves! >_<


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