Annnnnd We Are In The Clear! Woohoo!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Ecstatic)
Quote Of The Day: “Oh wow!! That’s cutting it real close!” -Intern Jon

So forgot to mention this on Friday but I finally got my letter for my biometrics appointment!! OMG! I was so freakin’ happy!! Ever since I got the email from INS telling me that they had “mailed out my appointment letter”, I’ve been anxious and worried! They said that they always mail out the letter 14 days prior to the actual appointment date! That was cutting it close! Me and Kenny did very specific calculations according to Lili’s parents’ dates and concluded that if they mailed it on 3/30, then my appointment date was either going to be 4/12 or 4/15! Nooo!! If it was 4/12, then I would have been super blessed cuz I leave on the 15 for my trip!! Oh wow! Talk about cutting it close!

I really really was scared that it would land on the day I left or even worse, while I was gone! I would have had to request off work, take care of biometrics, fly to North Carolina to meet up with them, etc. OMG!! I was totally freakin’ out! And then everyday going to the mailbox but not getting the letter was depressing too! Mail moves so damn slow these days! Ugh. Finally I got my appointment letter Friday and guess what?? My date is 4/10! Muahahaha!!! I was so damn happy! That means I can take care of that AND be in the clear to go on my business trip! Yeah!! You guys just don’t know how relieved I am to take care of this before I leave! Whew!! Requesting off tomorrow!! Woohoo!!


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