Target Hualage + Mini Reviews!

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So yesterday while me and Lili were talkin’ she mentioned how she didn’t know I loved makeup so much or knew so much about it. Reality is I am a HUGE makeup junkie and have tried a ton of products over the years. I am such a sucker for new cosmetic products, I wanna try them all! Lol. I do have to say that I wear significantly less than I use to, and I’ve gotten much better at it, so I’m not just caking on random product. -__-;;

One thing I don’t do is eye makeup, which is usually an makeup guru’s favorite thing by far. I have tiny chinky eyes, and I have monolids so there’s not much of anything really to work with. I use to wear eyeliner, and mascara but I don’t even wear those anymore and now I’ve gotten use to seeing myself without them, it’s odd to wear it again. Lol.

But anyways, so I went to Target to go return a concealer that I got that I didn’t like. I use to never return makeup items, but recently I’ve been all about that! If they let me return it then why keep something I don’t like and waste my money? I can keep on returning and buying until I get something I like! Lol. Here are some new item finds, that I got at Target yesterday! Oh and I forgot to mention, they revamped their cosmetics and I am so freakin’ excited cuz they added more E.l.f and Malani items!! Woohoo!! Super excited about them carrying Malani!! XD But anyways, here’s what I got:

2013-04-04 09.54.01

Jordana Lip Out Loud Lip Gloss in the color “BTW”. I thought it was going to be a pretty cream peach color but it doesn’t have much color payoff at all. Its almost clear on the lips but I don’t mind cuz my lip balms all have color to them. Very shiny! Actually got this at Walgreens.

2013-04-04 09.55.13

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in the color “06 Melon Mania”. I know I’m SUPER LATE to jump on this bandwagon, but these are really good lip balms!! So moisturizing! The color looks really bright but it’s very sheer in reality (or so I thought) but it actually is pretty bright on my lips too. It doesn’t look scary bright, just looks like I drank some red Koolaid or something. Lol.

2013-04-04 09.56.43

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Powder in the color “Translucent Illuminating Finish”. OMFG!! This powder is freakin’ awesome!! I went searching for this after I heard this was a dupe for MAC’s MSFs! I have super duper oily skin, but I hate a matte face. I’m all about the “dewy” look. I use to use the Rimmel Stay Matte finishing powder but its way too cakey lookin’ and true it was matte, but it felt heavy. This powder is sooo pretty on the skin! Definitely gives that “healthy glow” and dewy finish!! Today is my first day wearing it but I like it. I have a long work day, so I need some long lasting makeup. I’ll report back tomorrow on how this powder actually held up. XD Oh, but get this; the best thing was that I got this powder buy one get one free!! What?? That’s an awesome deal! XD

2013-04-04 09.57.31

E.l.f Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in the color “Pink Umbrellas”. Been wanting to try this!! Its only $2! But I didn’t wanna order it off the website and Target never carried this. But Target is starting to get more and more E.l.f. stuff, so I’m excited. Its rather sheer, but sheer stuff usually shows up on my lips pretty well, and this is definitely pigmented on my lips! I like it. Its pretty moisturizing, not dry, I don’t think its too long lasting but again, I have a long work day. I say it lasts on my lips for at least 3 to 4 hours. I’ve only reapplied it once today, which is not bad.

2013-04-04 09.59.29

E.l.f Small Stipple Brush! OMFG!! I was so excited about this!! I use to have the MAC #187, which is their infamous duo fibre brush. It was pretty popular back in the day. I used it for my foundation but actually it gave me a pretty heavy application, plus I was using a liquid foundation, which I have strayed away from these days. I use this small one for blush, and it’s awesome!! such a light application and works way better than the regular blush brush I’ve been using!! Love it!! (Sorry brush tip is pink, its cuz I used it for blush this morning) XD


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