Good Life Hump Day + Happenin’s + Fat Ass Fingers

MOOD: onigiri- grubbin' (Eatin’ And Shit)
Quote Of The Day: “Hold on Honey, I gotta wipe my ass.” -Kenny

Today should be a pretty relaxing day. I have finished the bulk of my work for the week, and there’s nothing much going on. I’m sitting here eating cookies, sipping tea, and downloading music. Ahaha. It’s the good life for sure, and definitely a big difference from my “breakdown” and tears flying on Monday. Oh the ups and downs of work. Ugh. -__-;;

Last night, reason A made dumplings again. Oh the dreaded dumpling! But she actually impressed me by doing some of the prep work ahead of time, which rarely happens, and we ended up having dinner around 9:30? Which is a big improvement on the 11:30pm last time we had dumplings for dinner. >_> I wonder her trying to speed things up with the dumplings is her way of making peace with me?? Like after she raised hell, she realized that she was at the wrong for dragging on dinner that long? Humm… >_>

Anyways, we’re in the home stretch folks! Today is Hump Day, and this weekend I get to hang out with Lili!! Woohoo!! I still haven’t gotten my letter in the mail yet for my biometrics appointment. I’m so damn anxious. Every day I go to the mailbox and see that its not here yet, a little part of me dies inside. Lol. Hurry up and get here!! Auhh!! I know people don’t use mail half as much as they use to, and so they’ve cut lots of postman jobs, but hurrrrrrray uppppp~!

This weekend will be my last weekend of peace and quiet. Next weekend I’ll need to be prepping for my business trip because if everything goes as planned, I’ll leave that following Monday, the 15th. Kenny’s luck ass gets the day off tomorrow. Tomorrow is a national holiday so they all get it off. It’s odd getting a Thursday off isn’t it? O_o Lucky nonetheless. >_> I on the other hand, don’t get another day off until Memorial Day! Gahhh! Which is May 27th. Ugh… -__-;;

So recently after I’ve cut my fingernails back down very very short, I thought the one advantage I’d have is I could type faster without my nails in the way. Please tell me why I’m typing slower?? Not only am I typing slower, I’m also text messaging slower! Auhh!! Its cuz my fingers are too fat, and when I hit a letter, I also accidentally hit the letter next to it and I’d have to keep on backspacing. *FAILS* Fingers! Why you no skinny??? >_<


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