Kill. Bill. (Not The Movie)

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset (F@ck Me!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Just cuz you’re on the verge of dying doesn’t mean you gotta try and kill a mofo!” -Juse

Welp folks, it’s about to be that time of the month again. “Big Bertha” as Runa has dubbed it, is about to come visit me. Honestly this use to not be a big deal for me. I didn’t really have any cramps or reaction or anything! But in recent years, its been pretty rough. I can feel more and more symptoms, and I’m not liking it. I don’t really cramp up that much per say. Definitely not to the point where I’m crying in pain or need to request off like Intern Canton Cook, but I usually just get bloated. I feel like a pregnant woman. Lol.

In recent months, I have noticed that I have also been having symptoms of PMS. The week that I am expecting Bertha, I’m super super moody and emotional. This happened last month and its happening now. I’m much better today, but for most of last week and yesterday, I’ve been moody! I realized that is why I was complaining to Lili so much about Kenny! Everything about him was bothering me! I’ve dealt with it for the past 3 years, he hasn’t changed, why is it bothering me now??

So office was pretty empty yesterday. Bossman is gone. Intern Roger is still in MS, Intern Jon went to NC to check on our showroom, and Intern Canton Cook requested off. My department was basically non-existent except for me. Ms. Lee was here, and so was our general manager Bill. Now as often as I vent about Ms. Lee on here, I’m sure we all know how annoying she is. I don’t think I’ve vented about Bill as much.

If there is ANYONE that can rival Ms. Lee in annoyingness, that would be Bill, hands down. When I first got here, he taught me a lot. I was basically his assistant to start with before my department was developed. He was pretty useful then. In recent years, he has however; become a nascence. Not only is he not being productive, but he is also preventing others from being productive as well, aka counterproductive. -__-;;

He’s a rude son of a B, and it is sooo awkward at times. When he takes phone calls from strangers, and they aren’t to the point right away, he says “What is the purpose of your call? What are you trying to get out of me?” Wow!! Can we be a bit more professional about it?? You can say so many things in place of it, like “This is a place of business, or I don’t have time at this moment, or no thank you…” but nope. Not Bill. Me and Intern Jon have dubbed him the “No Man”. No is his favorite word. He is anti- everything. He’s old and likes his stuff the old way, he doesn’t welcome technology, change or improvements, he’s cheap and proud of it. When we had to upgrade our computer systems, he was 100% against it. He didn’t see why we needed to upgrade. But you know why we decided to upgrade?? Cuz our system was so damn old that you couldn’t install the latest Anti-Virus software!! And because of that, Bill’s computer got a virus and it hacked our company email!! Are you telling me in a situation like this, upgrading our system is not valid? Everyone at the meeting was trying to talk to him logically but he refused to listen. He said it’s a waste of money and the computers are working fine. Ugh!! Old folks!

The other day, dude called and try to sell him some stuff, you know what he said to dude over the phone? He said and I quote, “You know what? You guys are just trying to make a profit! That’s what you’re trying to do! You just want profit, profit, profit!” Me and Intern Jon were like… Uh, well no shit! Who the f@ck does business to lose money?? Of course they wanna make a profit, isn’t that the point of going into business, in matter of fact, what is Bossman in business for? To make an effin’ profit! That is such a stupid ass comment!

When he wants something done, you have to stop everything you’re doing to do his task. I HATE folks like that. One, I hate micro-managing, and he loves it. Two, I hate folks that give you a task but doesn’t give you time to actual do it, three I hate folks that only speak but do not listen. He is all of the above. F@ck me. -__-;; I had over 30 new design samples to process yesterday. These are things that came in over the weekend. I have a 2 day turn around to process them all and submit them online. In other words, I’m hauling ass, cuz this is more workload than my usual on a Monday.

He comes up to me with something he wants me to do. Ship out a sample. I understood the task, and said “Ok.” At this point, please just leave me the hell alone. You see me over here, paperwork all over the place, obviously busy, and I answered you so obviously I heard you, so just put down the damn thing and leave!! I will do it when I get to it and I will report back to you when I’m done like normal people operate!! One, I am not stupid, and two, this ain’t my first damn rodeo! I do this shit day in and day out, what makes you think you need to stand over me and watch me do this shit?? I said I heard you!

So he stands there. He was like “Are you gonna do this?” I said “Yes. Just leave it there, I’ll do it.” He still stands there and stares. I just ignore him. He then says “Ok, so are you gonna do this?” I’m thinking to myself, I know I spoke in English so either you can’t hear, are dumb, or just wanna be an asshole. What you need to understand is that your client pays in damn U.S. dollars just like my other clients do so so what the hell makes you think I have to stop processing other folks stuff and do yours first?? I do them in the damn order they come in as. If I didn’t think I could get it done today then I would have told you, but since I agreed that means I will get it done, and once again, this is not my first damn rodeo!! Ugh!!

Then he finally leaves, and comes back with another task. I stepped away from my desk for a second. He says “Sandy, … Sandy, … Sandy, … Sandy, … Sandy, ….” Please don’t make me get ghetto. (*Turns into my alter ego named Shaquita who is a ghetto black woman) “Now look here b!tch! I done heard you the first damn time, and you need to stop yelling my name like its going out of style before I start charging you for that shit!! I’m standing right next to you, so why the hell is you still yelling my name??? Just say what the hell you gotta say and get the hell on! Ain’t nobody got time for that!” (*Turns back into innocent Juse)

So because he’s cheap. He then wants to know what is the cheapest way we can ship this thing out. I told him FedEx. Why? Cuz I ship out hundreds of design samples a month, all over the country and some internationally, I know which carrier is cheaper. TRUST ME. This fool, heard me say FedEx and asked me to get a quote from UPS. I told him once again, “FedEx is cheaper…” he says “Oh really? Ok… get a quote from UPS.” F@ck me. -__-;; So I get a quote from UPS and its more expensive… at this point, I just wanna say…


Now what the hell I tell you? Why is yo cheap ass wasting my time?? Last time you made me do a quote with like 5 companies just so we could save 5 cents! This is how I know you are not meant to do business! Real business people value their time! He doesn’t value anyone’s time! It’s so damn counterproductive it’s just stupid! So the whole damn day he kept nagging me. Calling my name back to back to back asking me the same damn shit I gave him answers for a second ago. I could feel my blood pressure rising.

When I got home, I felt so exhausted. I vowed to never work with old people again at my next job. I have to be around folks my age. I can’t deal with this communication barrier we have with the age difference. I just can’t. Their ignorance and lack of effort to try and want to learn or accept change and new things and the arrogance in thinking they know “everything” simply cuz they’ve “lived longer” is so effin’ bullshit!

I started venting to reason A. I wanted to vent to her for 2 reasons. One, so I can get it out of my system. I know Kenny won’t understand. He usually just tells me to suck it up and move on. Two is cuz I want her to understand how much stress I’m under at work, and she needs to stop starting drama cuz I have enough damn drama at work! Sometimes I think she doesn’t appreciate me, cuz she thinks my life is easy breezy. In order to counter act her shit, I gotta start my own shit!! Man it’s hard out here for a Juse! Lol.

Well anyways, so as I was venting, I started to get emotional. I busted out crying. I felt such grievance, like I was bullied! Ugh! I was just so upset; I couldn’t hold back the tears. It is just so upsetting to work with him!! I just kept sobbing. I honestly couldn’t control myself and I was genuinely upset, although I knew that this was very much hormone induced cuz he pisses me off on a regular basis, but I don’t cry that often about it. Maybe it was cuz none of my interns were there to help distract some of my attention from his assholeness, so it started accumulating and at the end of the day, I just had a breakdown! But literally I was crying so hard, I couldn’t breathe. I just wanted to kill him right then and there. After crying about it, I felt SO much better. Ugh… Women.

I later told reason A that I think it was my hormones, and she said “You young people these days sure have a lot of issues. When I was young, girls didn’t have so many cramps and backaches and mood swings and all these other issues you guys have. I’m sure society’s stress is one factor, but young people these days don’t eat a balanced diet so it affects their hormone balance.” I was like… Sure. >_>


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