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Your Head Coming Off, Terrorizes Me!! >_< Auhhhhh!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified(Freaked Out)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s it. You are NOT allowed to watch anything unless its cute cats and dogs or some shit!” -Kenny

Alrighty. So apparently Kenny has added another thing onto my list of things I’m not allowed to do anymore. First one was drink alcohol. He said I’m not allowed to drink alcohol unless he is present. I’m sure I’ve violated that a couple of times, but I was in good company though. Mostly with Tanya I think. But when I’m with others, I never drink. He gets worried when I do, cuz I get tipsy easily. Lol. The new thing he’s added to the list is that I’m not allowed to watch random videos on Youtube or Facebook! Lol.

The other day, I accidentally watched a video on Facebook that I regret immensely. It popped up on my Timeline, and although the screen cap already looked scary, I had NO CLUE what I was really in for! Katrima apparently commented on the video so that’s why it popped up on my timeline. I’m sure there’s a way to block what my friend’s are doing from popping up on my timeline, but I’m too lazy to go search through the settings. Ugh. Anyways, so I don’t consider myself a nosy person, but I’m definitely a curious person, which is also a fault. Curiosity killed the cat! Nooo!! I shouldn’t be curious! >_<

The comments already told me what it was, it was a video about a woman who had tattled on the Mexican cartel and got caught, apparently they cut her head off. The comments were debating if this video was real or not and that got me curious!! Folks, in case you didn’t know, I’m a huge scaredy cat! Like I am scared of everything! The dark, lightening and thundering, bugs, heat, you name it!! That’s why I don’t like surprises or watching scary movies! I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on it, but of course I did. -__-;;

It was literally the most terrifying thing I’ve EVER seen in my life!!! Auhhhh!!! (*Runs around room screaming and pulling out hairs and then runs back to chair) Folks, it was real! It was gruesomely real, cold blooded and quick!! Although I hate scary movies I love thrillers and mysteries. I’ve definitely watched my share of gruesome stuff, including lots of blood and chopping. And I have watched folks get their heads chopped off before, but of course that was all fake! This was the real deal, it was just so damn disturbing!! The woman was knelt down on the ground, hands tied behind her back, dude with a black mask standing over her with a very small paring knife! If it had been one clean cut like they do at the movies I think I would be less traumatized, but dude used the small knife and slowly cut around and around and the head was coming off a bit at a time, like he was carving meat and eventually the head just fell, he picked it up and held it up to the screen and the woman’s eyes were still flustering! Auhhhhh!!! (*Runs around room again screaming and pulling hairs out and runs back to chair)

But get this, I didn’t even stare at the screen to watch the whole video, I was trying to watch TV to distract myself from the majority of the video so technically I only caught a few glimpse of it, and it still traumatized me! Auhhh!!! So needless to say I had nightmares that night. That’s what my ass gets for watching that at night. Ugh! Not only that, I think I’ll be traumatized for at least a few weeks. This always happens when I watch something scary. I then tried to watch a ton of cute kitten and puppy videos on Youtube, but not really much luck. >_<

Yesterday when I got home, I figured out that reason A’s phone just needed to be restarted. I guess her speakers were timed out or some crazy shit! Once I restarted it, everything was working just fine. Ugh! I was so worried about her in the daytime, and then I didn’t rest well from nightmares from the night before, and apparently I had an ear infection that started up which I had never had before, so I was completely exasperated! I fell asleep on the sofa, and when I woke up I really felt the body going on strike! My ear infection apparently was full blown by now, and I have no idea what caused it, but my ear felt like it was on fire!! And it was also really sore. My face felt hot, but I was actually freezing. I pulled a blanket over me, and felt like I was coming down with something. The ear ache was killing me! I took some aspirin to reduce the fever, and also put a makeshift icepack on my ear. I melted 2 ice-packs in no time!! Can you imagine how hot my ear was?? WTF! I didn’t eat much dinner, and then later reason A gave me some flu medicine and sent me off to bed. I broke out a cold sweat last night and my pillow was freakin’ wet! I ended up sleeping on my small teddy bear.

Kenny asked me how I was feeling today, and I told him my ear is not as hot as yesterday, although it is still sore and still rather too warm for comfort. He thinks that my body is still reacting to the video I saw!! WTF! He said my body is still probably freaked out by the video, although my mind is trying hard to get over it. Wow! I can’t even imagine one video would have such an affect on me! But its true that I didn’t have any of these issues before I saw the damn video! Auhhhh!! I really hope that my night terrors stop, my ear infection goes away, I stop breaking out in cold sweats, and I get better soon. Ugh!! My ear is burning up again. -__-;;

Butt Dialing At Its Finest! >_<

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “So Is Mom ok?? I’m worried…” -Kenny

Let me tell ya’ll about the crazy ass drama I had this morning! Ugh!! So around 9am, I get a call from reason A. I pick it up, muffled sound, no answer really. I hang up and she calls again, but same issue. Muffled sound and no one really talkin’. I figured she must have butt dialed me or something, which was odd cuz she doesn’t even carry around her phone when she’s at home, it just sits on the table or something. So I called her back and I was like “Hello? Hello?” But she didn’t answer? She did pick up though. I started to get worried cuz I didn’t know what was going on!! Is she calling me cuz she needs something or is she calling me by accident? So how about this went on for the next 3 hours!! She called me 18 times! WTF!! Really?? And every time I called her back, she would answer with “Hello?” but when I talked, she couldn’t hear me! She kept saying “Hello? Hello?” and I would yell “Hello!!” back, and I could hear her say under her breath, “What is going on?” And then she’d hang up! Auhhh!! I was so damn frustrated! I didn’t know what the heck was going on! She sounded fine though, so I’m assuming she’s alright, just can’t seeM to work the damn phone. *FAILS*

I should have got her just another plain phone, but they barely make those anymore! I showed her a million times how to pick up calls and make calls using that phone, but either one, the phone is broke or two, she is accidentally hitting the mute button when she answers or some other random button! Ugh!! The worst part is she gets a lot of telemarketers calling her so I installed an app for her that will only allow my number to ring through, and all other calls are blocked. Well how about I forgot to put my “work number” on the whitelist as well, so when I got frustrated and tried to call her with my work phone, it blocked it! *EPIC FAIL ON MY PART*

So instead of heading back to Kohl’s after work like I was planning to do so I could spend the rest of that coupon, I have to head straight home so I don’t freak her out! And I have to take a look at her damn phone and see what the hell she did with it! Ugh!! Electronically challenged mums. -__-;; FML.

Juse Meets Cute Flip Flops! Yays! XD

MOOD: onigiri- so freckin' happy (Yays!)
Quote Of The Day: “What the hell are these people buying in this damn rain??” -Juse

It was raining all damn day today! Auhh!! Nothing is ever good on TV on Sundays, and the fact that its raining just makes it worse. Ugh! I did however catch Fast and Furious on TV!! Woohoo!! One of my favorite series. Lol. I hate Nascar racing but man I love me some drag racing! XDD Anyways, so I got two $10 off of $10 coupons for Kohl’s in the mail, and although I rarely shop Kohl’s there is one right next to me. Plus there’s no purchase minimum to use to use the coupon! No $10 off $30 or $40, it was just $10 off $10! Hell yeah! Good deal! Too bad I can’t combine the coupons! >_<

It was raining and I honestly didn’t feel like going out, but the coupons were expiring soon, so reason A wanted me to hurry up and go use it. I braved the rain which felt HORRIBLE and went to Kohl’s. I saw a lot of cute stuff! Mainly t-shirts and shorts, but I was really in desperate need of some shoes, but they didn’t have any shoes I liked. Booo! Finally I found a pair of super cute flip flops!! I needed some too! The pair I have is kind of torn up and I wear it around the house, but I don’t think it would be legal to wear it in public anymore. Lol!! I got a great deal on them too! They were $28, on sale for $15, and after my $10 coupon, I only paid $5!! Hell yeah!

vera wang flipflops

Aren’t they cute??! Gahhhh! XD

Its Today, No Its Not Today… Ok, It Is Today…

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Gahhh)
Quote Of The Day: “Do you not remember any of the convo we had last night??” -Juse

So this morning just pissed me the hell off! Kenny wanted to video chat today. He told me this on Thursday I think? We’ve both had a long week, but it feels like we haven’t seen each other in a long time!! I think it’s been going on 2 months now. I hung out with Lili one weekend, and then had to run errands the next, then I was out of town for one weekend, so all in all we haven’t had time to video chat! So we had decided to do it today. But then on Friday, reason A told me she wanted to go shopping and to get her hair done today, so yesterday I told Kenny that I can’t video chat with him today and we can move it to Sunday. I’ll just have to get up even earlier cuz he has to sleep early on Sunday night cuz he works the next day.

But then last night, reason A decided we’ll just go Mother’s Day weekend instead, so then I texted Kenny and said we’re going shopping Mother’s Day weekend instead and that I “can” video chat with him today and he was like ok. Well, I got my ass up all early this morning and got dressed, tidied the room a bit and did hair and makeup and all that good stuff, please tell me why when I called Kenny he was asleep. WTF!! I was upset!! He said he thought we were gonna video chat tomorrow. I’m like, do you not remember the text convo we had last night?? I told you my plans were cancelled and that we were gonna video chat today! Ugh!! He said all this changing around thing confused him, but in reality he’s just being a typical guy and he doesn’t listen!

But anyways, so he did get his ass up and video chat with me, cuz I said since you’re already in bed, we’ll just do it next week, and he was like “Why can’t we do it tomorrow?” And I told him its cuz he needs to sleep early tomorrow cuz he has work the next day! And plus I already got my ass up super early today, I don’t wanna have to do it tomorrow too!! I’ll die if there’s not one day I get to sleep in! Auhhh!

All in all it ended well cuz we did end up video chatting and that was the highlight of my day. Lol.

Happy Retirement Mr. Henry!! + This Crazy B!tch!

MOOD: onigiri- upset(Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “God she’s slow!!” -Intern Canton Cook

Today we have a co-worker who is retiring! Mr. Henry has been with Bossman for going on 20 years! That’s a long damn time to work with one employer! I was with OMX for 10 years and I guess that did fly by really quick, but its still a long time! So being the irresponsible Bossman, he already told Henry that we were gonna throw him a retirement party, but he didn’t actually decided to plan and prep for it til yesterday!! WTF! So here we all are rushing to brain-storm and plan stuff, and find a catering place, etc. We settled on Jim N’ Nick’s BBQ which I’d never had before but an intern said it was good. But during this whole “deciding” process, how about the b!tch Ms. Lee who is the only one who had issues with our choice since she is vegetarian, said that we need to find something she likes to eat. I’m like really bitch?? Are we really having this conversation? First of all, this party is NOT about you ok?? This is Mr. Henry’s retirement party so who the hell cares what you wanna eat?? It’s all about Henry! We want to get what he likes to eat! Why does everything have to be about you?? OMG. So we ignored her and me and my interns were saying that if she didn’t wanna eat BBQ then she’s welcomed to just drink water. >_<

Since we all did something or gave something to Mr. Henry, I decided to make him a card!! Here’s what I came up with! I thought it was cute! XD Then everyone signed it.


But let me tell you what other crazy shit she did… So during the party, we were all around, eating, etc. And of course we got a cake for Mr. Henry. On the cake it said “We Will Miss You Mr. Henry!” Usually at birthday parties, or parties like this, doesn’t the star of the show usually cut the cake? So we were all waiting to finish eating, and then gather around, each saying something nice, and then have Mr. Henry cut the cake right?? Please tell me why, we turned around and Ms. Lee had a piece of cake on her plate!! Auhhhh! We all stared at her plate, and she was oblivious to the whole thing!

Then she suddenly gasped and said “Oh no! Mr. Henry should have been the one to cut this cake huh?” We all nodded and were mortified! >_< So then she started to use her hands to cover up the piece of cake and started to eat it like crazy! She said she must “get rid of the evidence” I was like… YOU IDIOT!! How selfish and inconsiderate can you be?? Do you understand that today is NOT about you at all?? Why do you think we have to cater to what YOU wanna eat? And why do you think you are entitled to cut into HIS cake first?? What the hell is wrong with you?? When you were cutting into the cake, did you not see his name all over it? Auhhh!!!

Randomeness + Over Budget

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever(Merrrr…)
Quote Of The Day: “It looked like a dog got a hold of it!” -Juse

Not that bad of a day today at all really. Nothing exciting happened. I think I’m over budget for the month. I hate when that happens. Must have been all this impulse buying and now I realize there are some things I need to do! One, need an oil change. Think I’m at least 1000 miles overdue. >_< Two, need new shoes. There’s a hole in my right shoe so when it rains, water gets in. *FAILS* Three, reason A said she wants to change the locks. That’s a lot of money! Hopefully I can change 2 locks with just $100 or less? Ugh. Five, Earlene asked me to pay her back some money. Ugh. I promised to pay her back $100. And six, reason A wants to go shopping this weekend. Really it’s for me cuz I need new clothes. But I might get her something too, cuz Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Ugh.

But other than that, I’m having a good day. Lol. A good makeup day = a good day in general! And tomorrow is Friday so woohoo!! XD

Into The Psyche Of Juse: My Container Obsession

MOOD: onigiri- poker face (Seriousness)
Quote Of The Day: “Usually aren’t crazy folks reluctant to admit they’re crazy? O_o” -Juse

Today I am going to tackle one of my issues. Not that I’m out to fix it or cure it, I’m simply addressing and owning up to it. I have a problem. Yes, actually I have many, but one of them became very apparent to me yesterday. I always knew about this problem and I even spoke to Runa, figuring since she’s a psychologist, she would probably understand it more than anyone. I also have a theory as to why I have this problem. Lets divide this post into 4 sections. Problem identification, problem realization, problem cause, and my final thoughts. Leggo!

Problem Identification:
Alright, so the problem is… I am obsessed about containers. Yes. I know it sounds like a retarded problem to have, but I have it and that’s a fact. Ever since I was a kid, I liked buying, collecting and hoarding containers. Anything from cans, to tins, to jars, to cups, to bowls, to baskets, to crates, to bottles, to canisters, to bags, to pouches, to pockets, to cases, anything you can physically put another thing into is considered a container, and I am obsessed about them. I am constantly buying containers, and trying to fill them up. Normal people actually have things they need to organize first and then go out buying containers to put them in, but I do it the other way around. I buy containers I like and then come home and figure out what I’m gonna put in it. But the point is, I HAVE TO put something in it and fill it up.

Problem Realization:
I’ve always known I’ve had this problem, but it was very apparently and I think I had my aha moment yesterday, when I decided that my facial scrub and cleanser that is in tube form, is almost gone. I have a love hate relationship for things in a tube, cuz when it gets down to the bottom, I feel like it’s a waste and I can’t get anymore out although I know there’s more product in it. So I figured I could cut open the tube, and scrap the remainder of the product out into a little jar, that way I don’t waste any! So I went out searching for a jar. Last time I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, I found some really cute travel containers, and I bought a few there. I wanted to go back to Bed Bath & Beyond in Buckhead, but then I remembered there is The Container Store in Buckhead as well! A place I’ve always wanted to go but never managed to do. I decided yesterday was the day! I’m gonna get my little jar from The Container Store! But that’s when the problem occurred.

My eyes started to light up when I got inside, everything was a container!! Auhhhh!! It was like heaven for me! I was so excited! The place was quiet so I had to be quiet too, but inside I was jumping up and down!! So many clean and sleek containers, so many sizes, so many shapes!! It was all this eye candy! I was in such a freakin’ happy place! XD I tried to quickly browse the place, cuz I didn’t wanna get home too late and have to tell reason A where I was, so I knew I couldn’t spend that much time there. Once again, let me reiterate that I went in to get “one jar”. But this is what I ended up getting:

the container store1

A whole freakin’ bag of containers!! Auhhh!!! The damage was like $23. It’s amazing how I refuse to buy a new pair of shoes although I have a hole on the bottom of my right shoe and water always gets in when it rains, but I’m willing to spend $23 on a bag of random containers?? What the hell is wrong with me? It’s obviously a problem! >_<

But side note, I found this ridiculously cute pill case that actually looks like a pill!! OMFG!! Too damn cute! XD

the container store2

Problem Cause:
Ok, back to being serious. So I do technically know why I have this problem. Although some of you reading think this is just stupid, I know there is a serious reason for this. I remember a while back I watched a special on TV about child psychologists and therapists, and their analysis of this one child. The kid was very young, but I don’t remember how old. The kid had a habit of putting things in a basket. In a room of a ton of toys, he always reached for the basket, while other kids reached for stuffed animals, Barbies, trains, whatever. He then grabbed stuff and filled up the basket and just carried it around. The behavior was odd, but knowing his background, the psychologist said it was understandable.

She said that the kid is growing up in a single parent household with the mother being super busy. The kid is subconsciously feeling a yearning for his mother’s love which he is lacking at the moment, and his need to “fulfill” that void is manifested in his “filling up the basket”. I thought that made super sense. I started to think about my obsession with containers. More importantly, I started to think about how it made me feel when I bought containers, and when I filled them up. Honestly, it makes me happy. Looking at containers that “can be filled” makes me happy. Filling them makes me happier. I LOVE containers. They literally bring me joy. Last night, I filled about 7 of my containers. I still had like 3 left over, and before bed, I went to the bathroom and looked at my empty containers!! I got excited thinking about what I’m gonna fill them up with tomorrow! OMFG!! Now I sound like the weird cat woman, but with containers instead. -__-;;

I know that there are a lot of issues in my life. Starting from my messed up childhood, through my grade school years, and everything else I’ve been through. I think I feel empty inside. I know there is a void in my heart, whether it be a “normal” mother and family or lack of stable relationships in the past, or my career is a dead end, etc. I have many voids now to think of it. I think they manifest into my obsession with containers. Filling up containers brings me joy, cuz its like I’m filling up that void in my mind and heart. I probably also long for normal “parental love” from reason A. Although I know she loves me and protects me to an obsessive point, but she doesn’t do it in a way that I or most other people know how to accept and deal with! I feel like I’m still lacking a loving, understanding and supportive mother! And since I don’t have a father, then its double the void.

Runa actually had another theory that she suggested yesterday. She said, maybe I’m filling up containers with stuff, because I didn’t have much growing up and subconsciously I wanna fill them up to keep, because I’m afraid I’ll lose it. So it’s the “fear of losing” that is my basis for the container obsession. Either way, I know the action is driven by a much deeper issue.

Final Thoughts:
So honestly, I don’t know if there is anything I CAN or WILL do to fix this issue. Its not a big one if you look at the picture as a whole. In comparison to some of the other issues people have, simply liking to buy containers is not that big of a deal I guess. It’s not like gambling or alcoholism. >_> But nonetheless its an issue I have identified with myself. Many people probably won’t understand, but I am actually hoping that after I get married and later have kids, that this obsession will slowly go away, because starting a family of my own will help me fill a lot of the voids in my life. I will have my husband and kids to fill my heart and mind and I will just project my need to “fulfill” onto them in hopefully a positive way. But God I hope I don’t end up spoiling my kids cuz I didn’t have much growing up! >_<

So yeah. That’s my confession to my problem. Didn’t they say being able to identify the problem is the first step in recovering? Lol. Hello, my name is Sandy and I’m a recovering container obssessor/hoarder. XD

Catching Up On Le Bloggie

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Quote Of The Day: “He just walked up to me and farted.” -Intern Canton Cook

Bossman isn’t here today so can I get an Amen?? Lol. Of course I couldn’t waste this opportunity and decided that I needed to suck it up and finally catch up on my blog. Honestly, its very exasperating. I really wish I could just be one of those folks who blogs just whenever, instead of “insisting” on blogging daily. Literally I have not had a missed date. Yes it is possible, perfect attendance on my blog. Lol. Back track post are definitely a b!tch, cuz I have shitty memory and doing back track posts is asking me to do the one thing I suck epically at, and that is to REMEMBER!! Lol.

I’ve actually gotten much better at this cuz of 2 changes I’ve made. One, I at least start off the post as I am on the trip. I will jot down all the dates and things that happened on those days. That way when I come back, I can just finish up with details, and not be completely clueless. Second is I’ve started to take more pics. This is in part due to my new celly. Before when I had the Blackberry, it had a shitty camera, so I had to actually bust out with a “camera” to take pics. And as well all know, this day in age, its hard to make that look discrete, so I was limited to when I could “bust out with the camera” to take pics. But with this phone, it takes awesome pics, so I definitely am taking more pics these past few expos than before. When the pics upload to my computer, they’re tagged with dates, so those also help me remember what I’ve done on what days when I write back track posts. And I am happy to say that I am finally all caught up on le blog!! Woohoo!! Now I’m tired but have to go post on the Chinese one. Another 10 pages of writing. FML. -__-;;

Recuperation Day + Picking Up My Baby!

Quote Of The Day:

I am thankful that I got to come back last night. That means that at least I get to rest a little bit before I have to go to work tomorrow. But I didn’t get to squeeze too much rest in cuz I had to go to Great Wall to pick up groceries since fridge is almost empty and I had to go to MOG to pick up my ring!! Its finally fixed! Yays! I’ve been worried about it all this time! I hate that a diamond fell out and for someone who is as anal and nit-picky as me, it was driving me crazy!! They cleaned it as well and it is SOOO gorgeous!! It’s amazing what a cleaning can do! It sparkles like crazy now! I kept looking at it conceitedly! Lol!

Camera 360

Le Business Trippy Day 6: The Home Coming!! XD

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Quote Of The Day: “Alright, lets pack up!” -Intern Jon

[Back Track Post]

Finally coming home today folks!! So damn happy! We didn’t have any clients come in at all! The expo was a huge fail! Lol. The place was lookin’ awesome, but the location couldn’t rake up enough foot traffic to amount to anything. But anyways, so for lunch we had Jersey Mike’s again, and this time I had a chicken caesar wrap which was awesome, and then we started packing up around 4pm or so? We stopped by Starbucks and then headed out around 5pm. We got home around 10pm, and I was starving!! I ate a big ass pot of congee! And it was effin’ delicious! XD Now I am heading off to bed, and to end the night, I shall leave you with more of my cam-whoring through the trip! XD

DSC05529 copy 3

DSC05564 copy 3

DSC05575 copy

DSC05645 copy 3