Typical Monday… Meh… >_>

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Busy)
Quote Of The Day: “I just created a lot of unnecessary work for us didn’t I?” -Intern Jon

First day of the work week without Bossman! But did I get to slack off? Not really! Ugh. I am exactly 3 weeks away from my North Carolina expo, and I’ve been procrastinating like a mofo! I had posters, flyers and postcards I had to design which I’ve actually known about since my trip back from MS, but I never got around to designing them and quite frankly, I haven’t been in the mood. I find it so damn hard to design when I’m not motivated or feeling creative. Ugh!! But I had to force myself today, cuz deadline is approaching, I can’t procrastinate anymore! >_< So freakin’ tired, but I’m finally done with the bulk of everything, I just need to do some finishing touches, and I can submit it for printing! Woohoo!

Over the weekend, Kenny said that he wanted to plan our honeymoon this week!! So damn excited! I know we’re on a budget, so we probably can’t go anywhere extravagant, but since I have basically never been ANYWHERE, then EVERYWHERE is exciting for me! ROFLMAO!! I think he’s thinking about Macau? I wanted to do Hong Kong too, but he said it’s pretty similar to Canton, and it’s even hotter, and you guys know I don’t do heat, so we’ll see. >_>


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