Bossman Send Off + Busy Busy Like A Bee

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset (Auhhh!)
Quote Of The Day: “She’s gonna be one of those who marries a cousin and doesn’t know it.” -Intern Jon

Bossman’s last day is today before he leaves for his one month long business trip!! You will not find a happier Juse folks!! He had me running around all over the place, it was pretty hectic. But I’m ok with that since I’ll have one month of freedom. Muahaha. XD

Being the procrastinator that I am, I was scrambling at the last minute to design Kenny’s birthday card. His birthday is this Saturday folks! OMG! I’m running out of time! It’s a struggle every year honestly cuz I usually always use a “bear” theme, cuz my nickname for him is “Pookie Bear”, ever since he gave me that life sized teddy bear for Christmas when we first met. But there are only so many bear themes to use folks! Ugh. At first I was thinking if I should save the project and design it Friday cuz Bossman won’t be here, and I don’t have to sneak around to do it, but then I remembered that technically it’s his birthday at noon on my Friday! Cuz that’s his midnight, so that means I have to do a good bulk of the designing tonight or it’s not enough time. *FAILS*


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