Sleepless Juse + In The Womb >_>

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “I know you’re gonna be restless in bed, better get an early start.” -Kenny

So last night I went into one of those “insomnic” modes again. -__-;; I went to bed around 11:30pm, but didn’t actually fall asleep til around 3am. *FAILS* I was sooo tired waking up this morning. Have you ever been so in need of sleep or have stayed awake for so long that your eyes are sore?? That’s how I was! WTF!! My eyeballs and eyelids felt sore this morning! Ugh. >_< I tried everything last night to fall asleep but nothing worked, eventually I think I just fell asleep due to exhaustion. -__-;;

One thing I know I need to stop doing would be to stop watching Youtube videos on my phone right before bed. I think it gets my brain cells over excited and I can’t get them to calm down in a decent amount of time to fall asleep. >_> According to Kenny, I also need to not drink so much water before bed, cuz I got up like every 10 minutes to use the restroom last night. *BLADDER FAIL*

So last night during my restlessness, I got online and searched “music to help put you to sleep” on Youtube. Of course, like everything else on Youtube, there is plenty of it. >_> I tried a couple of musical pieces that sounded like fairies flying or something majestic but it didn’t help. Finally I read a comment from a dude that said “white noise” helps him fall right to sleep, so then I searched “white noise”, and you know what it sounds like? An ultrasound. >_> Yup. I imagine white noise is what a baby hears when they’re in the womb. It sounds just like it!! Not that I remember anything going on when I was in the womb but I’m just sayin’. >_> I admit it was rather soothing. Much better than the fairies flying or whatever, but did it put my ass to sleep? Hell to the no! *FAIL*


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