One Day Of Freedom = Get Shit Done!

MOOD: onigiri- lightsaber (Doin’ My Shit)
Quote Of The Day: “You know what pisses me off? When I have a runny nose out of only one nostril. -__-;;” -Juse

Bossman was not here today! Thank you baby Jesus!! I needed to do some personal things so it was great that he wasn’t here! I had to print, gather and process my application and process the FedEx shipment thing! I’m so damn happy he wasn’t here today. I didn’t need him micromanaging me today of all days. So I spent a couple of hours in the morning and processed that. All I have to do is find a FedEx drop box on my way home and mail it. I sent it express so they should get it on Wednesday. I decided to do FedEx instead of regular mail cuz I’m paranoid and I wanna be able to track the package. >_>

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait. Waiting is very agonizing and I’m super anxious. Another good news is that Bossman will be going out of the country again, on March 21st I believe, and this time it’s for almost a month!! Hell f@ckin’ yeah!! You mean peace and quiet for a month?? I’m so damn happy. No one breathing down my neck anymore! Woohoo!!

So with that said, I really hope that I get biometrics appointment during the month that he is gone! It is so much easier to ask for a day off with the manager rather than with Bossman. If I can take care of this before I have to leave for North Carolina for my other trip than I’ll be able to focus on the trip rather than worry that I’ll miss my appointment while I’m gone. That’s why I sent it express. The earlier they get my application, hopefully the faster they can process this. Wish me luck folks!!


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