All Caught Up + You Nosy? I’ll Fix That

MOOD: onigiri- poker face (Uh…)
Quote Of The Day: “Well you know he thinks he’s all knowing right? Basically its Jesus, and then Bill.” -Juse

Well I’m all caught up on the blog. I guess it does help a lot that I blogged a little while I was on the trip, now I don’t have to do “that much” backtrack. Amen!! Now I just need to get caught up on my Chinese blog which basically consists of posting the exact same happenin’s and pics but in Chinese. @__@ My nose is a little stopped up today and its giving me a headache. Ugh. -__-;; Other than that, I’m actually doing alright. I have been really productive at work for the past 3 days! Since today is Hump Day, I’m finally over half down with “expo” related paperwork and can now see the surface of my desk again. Whew! I hate when I have a messy desk but sometimes I can’t help the paperwork, so I try to clear it out as fast as I can and file shit!! Lol.

I noticed that Bossman is being nosy and since I’m very anal about my stuff, I stack all my stuff very neatly on my desk before I leave for the day and in the morning when I came in I realized that he had been flippin’ through my stuff cuz it’s all crooked! Nooo!!! So this time I got sneaky and hid my shit. Muahaha. Now my desk is bare expect for the little cutesy cutesy stuff. >_>


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