The Second Of Five Down

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “Would you like to try my buns?” -Intern Canton Cook

Last night was rough. I had SUCH a busy day at work!! I hate expos. I really do. I am busy for more than a month! I am busy preparing for the expo, then I’m busy at the damn expo, then I’m busy when I get back from the expo organizing all my shit that folks have messed up while I was gone as well as sorting contracts and orders we received at the expo. Ugh!! Not only that, the damn man sees that I’m busy yet he bothers me and rushes me to hurry the hell up. How about you drink this 12oz can of “shut the f@ck up”?? Do not rush my ass if you see me already busy doing the shit you are rushing me about!! How much sense does that make?? Ugh!! Such an asshole. >_<

Last night after work, I had to run to the grocery store since there was nothing to eat at home, as well as run to the bank to deposit my check. Just my luck that the ATM I went to wouldn’t take my check so I had to drive out of my way to go to another ATM to deposit it. Ugh!! When I got home, I was mad tired. Traffic was actually very nice to me yesterday and I got off 285 a whole 30 minutes earlier! But cuz I had to stop at so many places, I didn’t get home til almost 8pm!! FML!!

Although I was starving the whole time driving home, I was really not in the mood for food come dinner time. I was feeling sick and sleepy and just wanted to go to bed. I think I was in bed cuddling with Mr. Teddy and my hot water bag by 10pm!! I almost fell asleep telling Kenny goodnight. Ugh! I need to sleep early tonight too. I have to make up for my sleepless week during my trip. @__@;;


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