F@ck Mondays!! + Juse Happenin’s Summary

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Blah)
Quote Of The Day: “Momma Juse said it takes 100 days to recover from pulling one all-nighter. In that case I guess I’m screwed for life.” -Juse

Alright folks, I will probably be on hiatus for the next week or so, I am trying to recover from lack of sleep, a ton of projects I’m about to start and hopefully finish all around the same time, and some other things. Let’s do a quick update with personal life and work.

Work has been busy since Ms. Lee is still out of town. I am covering for her department but for the week that I was gone, a bunch of other people were covering for me who was covering for her so needless to say, my paperwork is a hot mess. @__@;; I had mentioned before that Bossman was really livid that Ms. Lee requested off knowing that it was our high season and many of us were going to be out of the office heading to the expo. There was nothing he could do about it cuz she had already bought her ticket and had her mind set on going. He told me that he was going to fire her when she got back, but as many attempts as that has happened, it has yet to be successful. Honestly, I don’t think she’ll get fired, because we are way too short handed for him to let her go now, and no one has time to “exchange” info with her to fill the position flawlessly.

Now, on to the next piece of bad news. Bossman has signed our company up for the North Carolina show. Lets talk about the good first. In comparison to the Mississippi show, the North Carolina one is a hundred times better. The designers are high class, the designs are gorgeous, it’s great to see and a lot to take in. Way more interesting of a trip than Mississippi’s expo ever will be. Now let’s talk about the bad part. >_> One, I already mentioned N number of times that I don’t sleep well in hotels. So that means that I will have to go another 2 weeks without sleep this year!! Usually I only travel twice for work each year. Both to Mississippi. Once in February and once in August. True, at one point, we did do the North Carolina show, and that year I traveled 4 times, twice to each show but that only lasted a year before we realized that we were biting off more than we could chew and can’t handle 4 shows a year. But after a year of resting, Bossman is again planning to tackle this North Carolina expo so we’re going again. So now I travel for a week each in Februray, April, August, and October. That’s a total of a month without sleep folks! #killmenow

So anyways, with that said, that’s actually the least of my problems. My biggest problem is that this weekend, now that I’m back and I “thought” settled, I was gonna go get my passport pics this weekend and submit my application for citizenship. But according to Lili with her experience from her parents who are now also in the application process, the notification comes pretty quick and short notice! So what if I’m out of town during that time?? Will that mean I’ll miss my biometrics appointment?? No!!! I can’t reschedule it! I’m so terrified that my appointment or interview will land during one of the weeks I’m out of town!! That’s why I didn’t submit the application before I went out of town this past time, cuz I wanted to be home and ready to receive any notification that comes! But now with all this traveling, it makes it more likely I’ll run into a setback! Nooooo!!! This is top priority!! FML.

I told my intern and manager that I might not be able to travel in April and that I’ll probably need a day off either in March or April, I don’t know yet (depending on when my biometrics appointment date is). I didn’t tell them what for cuz they don’t know I’m not a citizen, but then again that’s really none of their business so I never bothered explaining. I told them I don’t know the day yet, but it will probably be within these two months. Intern Jon said that it shouldn’t be that coincidental to land on travel week, but if it does then… Get this. Instead of just not taking me, they said they’d let me take that day off to “take care of my business” and then when I’m done, they’d buy me a ticket and fly me to North Carolina to join them and then I can ride back with them afterwards!! WTF!!! Are you serious?? Are you guys trying to tell me that I will make or break this expo?? Why can’t you just take someone else for God’s sake?? I told them, they should take Intern Canton Cook!! She’s female! She can do greeting and simple receptionist work! Intern Jon can handle all the customers I usually do and write up contracts! That’s good enough! But they were all like “Hell no!!” *EPIC FAIL* I guess there is no getting out of this trip. -__-;; FML.


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