Recovery Process… Part 1 Of 5142147

MOOD: onigiri- terrified(Zombie Mode)
Quote Of The Day: “I really gotta pee bad.” -Intern Jon

Folks, I got in around 1am last night. @__@;; I think I’m dead, but I believe I am still alive. Ugh. I headed to bed after a quick bowl of noodles since me and Intern Jon didn’t eat dinner, and I slept til about noon today. I didn’t even wake up early to call Kenny. That almost NEVER happens! But I was so damn sleepy, I could give a shit about him right now. >_< Finally as I dragged myself out of bed cuz I was about to starve, Kenny calls to say he’s going to bed. Poor guy. He waited up for me til 1am thinking I’d call but yet too scared to call and possibly wake me up so he just waited. Awww.

I said goodnight to him and I ate a big ass bowl of congee. Rice, I love you!! Lol. After my breakfast/lunch, it was about 1pm and I went back to bed and slept til about 7pm, and woke up to eat dinner only to be heading to bed again at 10pm. Man!! I’m like on a damn baby schedule!! Lol. All I’m doing is eating and sleeping! Gahhh! But I am so effin’ tired. 5 days without sleep is hard to recover from, and I gotta take my ass straight to work tomorrow?? Nooooo!!! FML. X___X;;


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