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Happy Easter!

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Quote Of The Day: “Dude! He gave me a table with no legs!” -Intern Jon

Easter eggs

Happy Easter everyone!! I didn’t do much of anything today really. I talked to Kenny a little bit. reason A is still kinda in her odd mood, so me and her didn’t talk much either. I don’t know how long its gonna take her to get over this “thing”. Its almost like she’s going through menopause again! Ugh! Lord please give me strength. Runa is in town, but she’ll only be staying til next weekend. Unfortunately I won’t be able to hang out with her this time around, cuz I have a date with Lili next Sat, and I have to get my ring fixed ASAP!! By the time I get all that done, she’ll be gone. *FAILS*

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter!

Lazy Saturday + Status Update + Curry Chicken

MOOD: onigiri- knocked out tired (Lazy)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, so if they mailed it today, does that mean you’ll get it Monday?” -Kenny

I had a convo with Lili on Friday about Kenny. The more I talked about it, the more annoyed I got. I think its also cuz its about to be that time when Janet comes into town, and I’m very irritable. >_> So this morning I called Kenny 30 minutes later than I usually do, and he wanted to video chat again, but I honestly was not in the mood to get out of bed, get dressed, do my hair, clean my room, just so I could video chat with him. Sometimes I feel like he’s inconsiderate and insensitive. He knows how damn early I usually have to get up for work, don’t you understand that I want to sleep in and look like ass sometimes?? I don’t wanna get up all early on a Saturday and video chat! Ugh!! I mean, I miss you and all, but some weekends, I just wanna stay in bed!

I told him that I needed to get more sleep in since I will be sleepless for a week when I leave for my trip in less than a week. I only have like 2 weekends to catch up on sleep. So he said ok. I did all my shopping yesterday, so I didn’t have to go anywhere today, so that was good. I also got an email from the INS saying that they already mailed out my letter for my biometrics appointment, and if me and Kenny’s calculations are correct, my appointment will be for the 12th, cuz that’s exactly 14 days from today. Lord please have mercy on me, and let it be the 12th!! That means I get to take care of the biometrics right before I leave on the 15th! Wow!! That will be like a real miracle that the date would be literally the last business day before my trip!! What are the chances?!? Please pray…

The night ended well cuz reason A made Curry Chicken, and that was da shit!! Soooo damn good! Ugh! Haven’t had Curry Chicken in forever. >_<

2013-03-30 21.23.42

Good Friday = No Good!

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Quote Of The Day: “OMFG!!!!!” -Juse

Why am I even at work today? Its Good Friday! A lot of places are closed! >_< Our damn phone isn’t even ringing! Ugh. This is such a waste of time and money to be here. I spent my morning doing my nails, talkin’ to Intern Canton Cook, cleaning my desk, and other random tidbits. There are 2 good things that came of today though. One, I got my paycheck early! Woohoo!! That almost never happens. Super happy about that. That means I can avoid $9 in rush fees when paying my rent. Woot! Woot! Second is that we got to get off work at 4:30pm!! I was so damn excited! The manager had something he needed to do after work, and since we’re all sitting here wasting time, he decided that we should just get off early! Hell yeah!! It’s a good Friday after all! (*Or so I thought. >_>)

Now for all the bad news from today. One, traffic was a bitch. I got home mighty late, cuz 285 was really congested. And just to think I thought it was going to be smooth sailing cuz kids are out for spring break, and I’m beating rush hour traffic by 30 minutes! Ugh. Next bad thing was, I went to Assi Market with reason A after work, cuz we need to get some groceries and she’s always wanted to go to that market. Since she’s been in a shitty mood with the whole “Kenny” thing, I thought I’d try to get on her good side by taking her there. But when I was about to check out, I suddenly looked down at my ring and noticed that a diamond had popped off!! Auhhhhhh!!! I almost went into cardiac arrest! >_< Ugh! As if that wasn’t enough, when I got home, I broke a nail and ended up cutting all my nails back down short. FML. X___X;;

Delta: Picture This Contest Entry!

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Quote Of The Day: “You know I took that picture right?” -Kenny

So today I saw a contest on Facebook through Antonio’s page. Apparently Delta is holding a “Best Vacation Photo” contest. You submit one vacation photo of yours, Facebook folks vote on it, and the person with the best vacation photo wins 2 round trip tickets to anywhere Delta flies!! OMFG! Folks, I need this in my life! Lol. I hate spending money on the actual “transportation” portion of traveling. Food, accommodations, we’ll work all around that, but not plane, train, whatever tickets! I think it’s such a waste! So this is the picture I entered the contest with!


It’s a picture of the Pearl River, in Guangzhou China, when I went to visit Kenny! Me and him took a midnight ferry ride, and it was so freakin’ pretty! >_<

For anyone that has a Facebook account, please go vote for me, thanks! Here’s the link to vote!

Vote Here!

The Many Faces Of A Dumpling Loving Psychotic Woman… True Story.

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m sorry Sandy.” -Runa

I thought I was having an alright day today until I got home and all hell broke lose. I had some other stuff I was gonna talk about, but since this warrants its own post I’ll just only talk about this. reason A decided that she was going to make dumplings today. She loves pastas, or things made of flour and I don’t. I’m a rice girl. I hate when she makes dumplings cuz one, I hate dumplings period, and two; it takes forever!! Go ahead, ask me what time I had dinner last night………. Nope. Wrong, I didn’t have it til 11pm!! WTF! I got home around 7pm!! There is no excuse to not eat til 11pm!! At one point I banned her from making dumplings on a weekday, cuz I just can’t wait that long or eat that late! After I eat I have to rush off to bed, and that’s not healthy!! For example, my tummy has been hurting all day today, probably cuz I ate so late and then went straight to bed!

Well anyways, so as I was waiting for her to make it, and I was talkin’ to Kenny on WeChat, I told him I was starting to get sleepy. He told me to stop moping around and hurry off to bed then and I told him I couldn’t cuz I hadn’t ate dinner yet! So then we started talkin’ about why I hadn’t had dinner yet and it was so late, and I told him cuz reason A was making dumplings. I’ve complained about it to him on numerous occasions so he knows why I hate them. I don’t know how it happened, maybe she was listening to my responses to him or my phone speaker was so loud that she heard him herself, but she just suddenly snapped and went psycho on me!! She was pissed off thinking that me and him were badmouthing her together, and she was pissed that he was making any kind of comments about what time we ate dinner or how slow she was cooking, etc. She said “Why the fuck is that his business what time we have dinner? He doesn’t even eat with us yet and he’s already got these side comments? This is my fucking house and I cook and eat whenever the hell I want to! Tell him its not his place to make damn comments! It would be the useless ones that have the most to complain about! And you’re a bitch for joining him with the side comments!” I was like WTF???

I was sooo hurt. I really had to hold back tears, because I can’t believe she said all that! I always knew she hated Kenny and will never get to the point of fully accepting him, but things had been sooo much better after our engagement! I thought she was coming to terms with this reality! But today she just snapped! What hurt most is when she implied that Kenny was useless. He is halfway around the world! What the hell is it that you’re expecting for him to be able to do?? No he can’t give you loads and load of money! Yes he is just a regular working class! Are you just fuckin’ pissed cuz I didn’t marry some rich old fucker so you can have me steal all his money for you?? Why are you so damn money hungry?? I know for a FACT that if Kenny was rich, you’d be kissing the ground he walks on! That is SO fucked up!! How materialistic can you actually fuckin’ be? I didn’t wanna post about this cuz the more I talk about it the more pissed I get!! Auhhhhh!!! Why me?? Why do I have to have the crazy psychotic woman for a mother?? My happiness makes her cringe, it makes her loath me, it makes her furious! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???

I don’t wanna get married. I can’t deal with this on a daily basis. I can’t deal with it if she fights with Kenny. I’ll wanna go kill myself if it will shut her up. I just want some mutha fuckin’ peace and quiet! Why the hell can’t I get that???? FML!!!

All Things Considered…

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Quote Of The Day: “Its not like how you imagined it to be. A bunch of old folks in matching hats and cameras snapping away!” -Kenny

It is just now occurring to me how stressful it is to plan a wedding. The jacked up part is we’re not even planning the wedding! We’re just deciding on where to go for the damn honeymoon!! Me and Kenny have already decided that we are going to have a very low key wedding and spend the majority of the funds are the honeymoon. I won’t have any friends or relatives attending so it’s kinda pointless. Why not spend the bulk of the money on ourselves anyways? We’re the one getting married after all! Anyways, so we considered a lot of places and plans and it was almost 2am, and we didn’t have a decision yet. I was getting stressed! But at the same time glad we’re planning early for a change. Ugh!

Typical Monday… Meh… >_>

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Quote Of The Day: “I just created a lot of unnecessary work for us didn’t I?” -Intern Jon

First day of the work week without Bossman! But did I get to slack off? Not really! Ugh. I am exactly 3 weeks away from my North Carolina expo, and I’ve been procrastinating like a mofo! I had posters, flyers and postcards I had to design which I’ve actually known about since my trip back from MS, but I never got around to designing them and quite frankly, I haven’t been in the mood. I find it so damn hard to design when I’m not motivated or feeling creative. Ugh!! But I had to force myself today, cuz deadline is approaching, I can’t procrastinate anymore! >_< So freakin’ tired, but I’m finally done with the bulk of everything, I just need to do some finishing touches, and I can submit it for printing! Woohoo!

Over the weekend, Kenny said that he wanted to plan our honeymoon this week!! So damn excited! I know we’re on a budget, so we probably can’t go anywhere extravagant, but since I have basically never been ANYWHERE, then EVERYWHERE is exciting for me! ROFLMAO!! I think he’s thinking about Macau? I wanted to do Hong Kong too, but he said it’s pretty similar to Canton, and it’s even hotter, and you guys know I don’t do heat, so we’ll see. >_>

My Heart Misses You…

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Quote Of The Day: “I’ll wipe your tears away.” -Kenny

So this might sound pathetic, but I cried myself to sleep last night. I REALLY missed Kenny. I know some of you are like “Oh com’on! That’s so childish!” Well guess what?? You have no right to criticize unless you also have a loved one half way around the world and never find yourself missing them this much! If you live with or are in reaching distance of your loved one then you’ll NEVER understands how it feels to be this far apart. You just won’t. I am a pretty happy person, or at least I try to present myself that way, and really try to internalize it, but I can’t help but fall into these deep depressions! I miss him. I miss him SOO much and I feel so helpless at times! What I wouldn’t do for just a hug from him. For him to hold me tight and pull me in close. I often times think about our last moments together at the airport before I was about to board the plane. I couldn’t describe the feeling! There were so many words caught in my throat. I just kept crying, drenching his shirt. I wanted to say “I love you”, I wanted to say “take care”, I wanted to say “I’ll miss you”, but none of the words came out! All that came out was snot and tears. *FAILS*

What I wouldn’t do to be with him right now. (*Sobs)

Happy Birthday Pookie Bear!! ♥

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Quote Of The Day: “Oh well! She’s just gonna have to deal with it cuz I’m hanging out with my birthday boy!” -Juse

Today is Pookie Bear’s Birthday!! I got up bright and early to video chat with him!! Had to make sure I was looking super cute even though weather was chilly!! Lol. On days that I video chat with him, I almost always cam-whore. >_> I rather like these pics, if I do say so myself… XD And why is it that I look more and more Korean? Like for real. Lol. Even Kenny teases me about it. Every time I send him pics of myself, he’s like “Hey! Who’s this cute Korean girl?” Lol!!



But enough about me, today’s all about Kenny!! Like I said, I woke up super early this morning, so I could video chat with him. We were cracking up the whole time. I miss him so much. The feeling only gets stronger after we hang up and say bye. To watch his face disappear from the screen is really really sad. Almost makes me break into tears. >_< I could sense that he didn’t wanna hang up either, but it was almost his 3am, and I wanted him to get to bed.

Like always, I post a Facebook message wishing him happy birthday and then make him a birthday card, which I just finished in the nick of time yesterday. Whew! Let’s take a look.

2013-03-26 09.44.37

I always try to post something funny, cuz “humor” is what me and Kenny bond on the most. Lol.

birthday cards

Annnd, le birthday card! I think it’s cute, right?? He liked it and even said thank you this time! Lol.

Here’s to wishing that my Pookie Bear has a great birthday! Yays! Happy Birthday Honey! And I also wrote in my card, that I really hope this is the last birthday that we’ll have to spend apart for him, of course there is mine later this year that we will also spend apart. And although I doubt he’ll be able to come as early as next March, but if things all go as planned, he will be able to come next year, so lets keep our fingers crossed folks!! >_<

Birthday Project Done + Random Friday Pictures…

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Quote Of The Day: “Sandy, you should’ve honestly been a dog or something. Lol. Or just a lamp post so no one will ever bother you. Hahaha.” -Lili

Finally finished designing Kenny’s card this morning, and gave it to him!! Lol. Mission accomplished, whew! I think Kenny is becoming more appreciate of me and my efforts, cuz he actually said “thank you Honey” which is way more than he’s ever said. I also went around the grocery store and took pics of stuff related to birthdays and showed him, and he commented on every picture! Showed both interest and awe and totally going along with it. Very endearing… XD #hubbylove

Ok, other than that, I’ve been busy so lots of things to talk about but that will have to wait til next week cuz I still gotta get caught up on le Chinese blog. >_> So here are pics to keep you entertained!

2013-03-15 09.58.37_Snapseed

Do not ask me why I have a picture of one random Nutter Butter cookie. You have to admit its a good picture. Lol. XD

2013-03-15 17.30.34_Snapseed

2013-03-15 17.54.20_Snapseed

Gridlock traffic on 285 everyday going home folks!! Why?? Why I ask?? >_<

2013-03-15 19.40.51_Snapseed

You know you have a long ass commute when you get home just in time to see the dusk. ROFLMAO!! Its pretty though. O_o

2013-03-15 19.48.31_Snapseed

Crabs were on sale at Great Wall last week! So we got some to go in our seafood hot pot! Yummers!

2013-03-15 20.27.05_Snapseed

2013-03-15 20.41.38_Snapseed

Why am I just now finding these chips?? HG chips!! And why can I not find a bigger bag??

2013-03-18 11.26.24_Snapseed

2013-03-18 11.28.01_Snapseed

Random Chinese snack! Something Intern Canton Cook gave me. Its alright… >_>