Expo Day 1: On The Road Again + Randomness

MOOD: onigiri- grubbin' (Grubbin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Don’t nobody want hot ass on their face!” -Juse

Because I have sufficient Wi-Fi now in the showroom (Can I get an Amen? XD) I’m gonna try and post on time! Woot!! This means I don’t have like 25 backtrack posts when I come back from the expo. @__@;; Honestly, backtrack posts are a pain in my arse to catch up on. Cuz as I am posting the old shit, I just get more behind on new shit. *FAILS*

Intern Jon said he was gonna pick me up around noon which was kool. But I didn’t get to sleep in like I had planned cuz my useless co-worker called me super early in the morning cuz he jacked up his computer and needed help fixing it. Auhhh! He’s so useless. -___-;; We had to go pick up our signage and make a Starbucks run of course and didn’t officially get on the road til about 2pm. Although I tried to not drink too much water, I had to pee like REALLY BAD. And we were on the stretch of 78 that had no rest stops. FML. I thought I was gonna die. What a good way to go out huh? Yeah. >_> Here are pics to detail my day!

2013-02-25 19.06.09

Had dinner at Cracker Barrel for the first time!

2013-02-25 19.09.55

2013-02-25 19.10.17

2013-02-25 19.10.45

Atmosphere there sure was as the name entailed!

2013-02-25 19.15.05

Random game on the table we played to kill time til our food came.

2013-02-25 19.30.54

Dinner is served! I hate how I’m gonna have to eat a ton of fried shit this week. -__-;;

2013-02-25 19.47.49

Koolest thing about Cracker Barrel is that they sell shit!

2013-02-25 19.48.11

This was so pretty! I love lookin’ at colorful candy. Lol.

2013-02-25 19.48.37

NOTHING, beats a flashing frog! Gets get this party started! Yeah~!

2013-02-25 19.49.14

Lookie!! Its love birds! Pookie Bear I heart you!! Lol.

2013-02-25 20.04.55

Had to make a midnight run to Wally World for shit for the showroom.


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