The Long Stretch…

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Ugh)
Quote Of The Day: “Mom saw these and swore up and down they were condoms. I guess she’s assuming I’m sleeping with my intern. >_>” -Juse

Such a damn hectic week. Ugh!! Thank God tomorrow is Friday! I actually had a much better day today, cuz I got some breathing time since I finished designing all the stuff for the expo and already submitted them for printing. Stuff should be ready by Monday. This time it’s just going to be Intern Jon and me going, since Intern Roger is already in Mississippi. Intern Canton Cook is gonna stay and hold down the fort while we’re gone. She technically got transferred to another department, which includes more “physical labor” rather than designing. She does the board and paper cutting stuff. But Bossman figured since she’s useless here, he wanted to try her out in another department. Come to find out she better with “simple mechanical tasks” so that’s what she’s doing. But her desk is still in my department so I guess she gotta work some magic while we’re gone. >_>


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