Busy As Shit Cotinued! + Business Trip Upsides

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Delusional)
Quote Of The Day: “Me too. I mean Kenny ain’t here, I’m not single. I ain’t got no one to impress. Granny panties all day! Woohoo!” -Juse

My goal today was to finish designing all the shit for the expo. We gotta get it all printed up this weekend. They also told me today that we are leaving Monday instead of Tuesday. FML. -__-;; But there are upsides to this. One, gas is super expensive right now!! Why the hell the other day I got gas at $3.55, and when I got off work it was $3.67!! Doesn’t it go up pennies at a time?? Now its $0.12 at a time!! That’s scary! That’s in 8 hours folks!! Then the next day I pass by the QT and gas is now $3.79!! WTF!! Man! Not only that, but I’ve been speeding like a demon on the highway recently, to save some commute time and I’m sure that’s wasting a lot of gas cuz I’m doing at least 75 to 80. That’s like an extra $10 a week on gas. So at the rate I’m going, I’m spending at least $50 a week on gas, so if I’m gone for a whole week, that saves me $50! Woohoo!!

Second upside is it’s a hot mess at work right now, and I really don’t feel like watching over Ms. Lee’s department, so with me gone, that’s one less thing I gotta deal with. Ugh! They can do what the hell they wanna do with that, but I’m going to MS to be with the expo folks, eat my sushi and stare at the buffalo. Lol.


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