Random Sunday Pictures…

MOOD: onigiri- eating (Grubbin’)
Quote Of The Day: “I guess you really are craving meat.” -Kenny

2013-02-13 21.20.53-1

Dinner from the night before! Sugar snap peas, and shrimp sauté! This is my first time having sugar snap peas! They kinda taste like a thicker version of snow peas?? But I like snow peas better. -__-;;

2013-02-14 15.08.14

Fried rice cake!! I actually like mine cooled, but I ate this hot, and it was alright. I don’t like gummy or sticky foods, like gummy bears, or tapioca pearls in bubble tea, etc, so I almost never eat rice cake, except for new years, cuz it’s a tradition.

2013-02-15 09.33.25

My tax return money!!! Woohoo!! Lili was cracking up that I sent her a pic of this, but I always take a pic when I have a lot of cash on me. It makes me feel gangsta. Muahaha…

2013-02-15 11.36.11-1

A co-worker gave me a random box of chocolates. I think there were 6 or 8 bars in there? Uh, this is what’s left of it. Yeah…

2013-02-15 22.01.27-1

Friday night’s dinner!! Hadn’t had lo mien in a while. It was yummy! XD

2013-02-16 23.21.24

This was last night’s dinner. Sorry pic was kinda blurry. By the time I realized it, we had already started digging in. *DIES*

2013-02-17 20.47.58

OMFG. Stirfry beef tribe? I think that’s what its called. THIS IS THE F@CKIN’ SHIT!! Plate was gone in no time. reason A hadn’t made this in a LONG time, and I was craving it so I forced her to make it since its technically still “New Years” so I can eat meat!! Lol.


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