TGIF For REAL + Weekend Plans + Intern Canton Cook Update

MOOD: onigiri- happy (All Smiles)
Quote Of The Day: “OMG! Don’t tell Kenny about your dumb Taiwanese friend. Lol.” -Lili

I had a very good Valentine’s Day yesterday, although Kenny’s not here. He woke up super early to talk to me, and he was REALLY sweet yesterday. Tehehe. ^^; He told me he really missed me and can’t wait to see me tomorrow!! Aww! I miss him to pieces too! XD I think we haven’t video chatted in 3 weeks. It makes me wonder how the hell did we go a whole damn year and a half without ever video chatting when we first met!? Maaan, we must have really trusted each other, cuz I flew half way around the world to see him O_O for the first time. >_> Anyways, so we cracked a lot of jokes and were all lovey dovey and stuff, and we both can’t wait to see each other tomorrow! Yays! That’s my only highlight this weekend.

We had plans to attend Katie’s twins’ birthday party, but it got cancelled cuz earlier this week, Katie’s maternal grandmother passed away. My condolences to her and her family. So since a day of celebration turned into a time of mourning, they thought it was inappropriate to still have the birthday party. Katie said it will be rescheduled, but we have no clue when so for now it’s just cancelled. Katie had asked me to design a poster for the babies’ party which I agreed to although I’m super busy, and mainly it was because I genuinely wanted to do it, but was just busy due to my expo shenanigans. I told Lili I felt bad for saying it but I am relieved now that I don’t have to do it.

Today is suppose to be payday, but as of right now, I haven’t gotten paid yet. Not sure if he’ll just be an asshole and not pay us til Monday. >_> But if he did pay us, it would be all kinds of awesomeness cuz its Friday!! There is no better feeling than when its Friday AND it happens to be a payday! Hell yeah!! Lol. It’s like double the awesome! Lol. So hopefully he’ll have mercy on us, and we’ll get our check before we leave.

Meanwhile in Russia… (my new transition phrase to change topics… XD) Me and Canton Cook have been kinda sorta getting along. Although I still can’t stand her and don’t have any plans to be friends with her, we are actually making some “small talk” for office etiquette sake. Of course she has no clue how much I can’t stand her, but I am making more of an effort to actually respond to her in complete sentences instead of just one word. The other day I was eating Takis and she said she had something similar last time, and I told her this flavor was way better. I told her next time I have some I’ll share so she can try it. Then this past weekend, when I stopped by the store, I saw the single serving bags, and while I got my big bag, I also got a mini one for her. Then yesterday for lunch, she went to Subway, and texted me and asked me if I wanted anything. So I guess we’re making amends. We’ll see how far that goes. I’m not trying to be buddy buddy or anything… >_> (*Takes a step back)


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