Happy Valentine’s Day Pookie Bear!! <3

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Lovey Dovey)
Quote Of The Day: “You can’t talk horny to horny people, it’ll only make them more horny.” -Juse

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!! And definitely Happy Valentine’s Day to my Pookie Bear! Lol. I wonder if he gets embarrassed when I say that in public. *FAILS* XD So having Valentine’s Day on a Thursday is kinda of weird. Although Kenny doesn’t have to work, but its still New Year’s celebrations over there so he’s all over the place. If there’s one thing he’s got, that would be a shit load of relatives!! Every time he calls, he’s at a different relative’s house having dinner! Man!! Since it’s a weekday, there’s not much we can do. I talked to him a little bit last night, and since they’re 12 hours ahead of us, it was already his 14th. But I was soooo sleepy last night I could barely keep my eyes open so although he wanted to talk some more, I had to head to bed. >_< We’re gonna make up for it this weekend though when he gets back home, and we can video chat! Yays!! Miss him so much! ❤

Like every holiday, I always design Kenny something. Like a card. Its actually rather challenging to create something new every year, yet not be repetitive. It is from the heart, and although he never says anything about it, I’d like to think that somewhere deep down inside, he appreciates it. Lol. Here’s this  year’s card!

valentine's 4.0 mini

I usually go with a bear theme, because that’s my pet name for him. Kenny always tells me that Mr. Teddy (the life sized bear he gave me one Christmas) is subbing for him. That’s how the name came about. Kenny = being with me vicariously through Mr. Teddy. Lol. Its actually rather cute, we speak about him as if he’s a live human! When we video chat, he’ll occasionally make me show Mr. Teddy on the camera so he can see how he’s doing. I k now it might sound childish to some of you, but I find it rather endearing. Lol.

Although Valentine’s is on a Thursday, I am still thankful, cuz last Valentine’s was when I was at the expo!! That was horrible! I was busy and out of town and we didn’t get to do anything for Valentine’s! I think I even cried about it. So I’m glad we’re spending it at home this year. ❤

Kenny has been trying to keep me in the loop now since he got the hint a couple of days ago that I felt neglected due to how busy he was for New Years. Lol. He’s been sending me lots of pics of different places he’s been to. He even sent me a pic of some random chicken crossing the street when he went to visit a distant relative out in the boonies! Ahaha!

I told him I got my tax refund back and I’m filling out the paperwork for my citizenship test and he was super excited. When I was talkin’ about it, he was all ears! Lol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that attentive before. *FAILS* Then he said “Probably by this time next year when Chinese New Year’s rolls around again, I’ll be spending it with my wifey instead of here. =)” And I took me a second to process it, because when he said that it just made everything seem so real! Although I doubt it will be that fast, cuz it will take at least 6 months AFTER I get my citizenship and file his paperwork right away in order for him to come, so we’re looking at about 1.5 years at the fastest, but still, it’s all coming to fruition and I’m both anxious and nervous!! Gahhh!!


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