Juse Gets Le Moola + Stressors! >_<

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Gahhh)
Quote Of The Day: “Hummm… Well, look on the bright side… At least u don’t jog for fun! Cuz then you’d be smackin’ urself in the face all the time!” -Juse

Welp, today started off a good day cuz I got my tax refund!! Both state and federal came at the same time!! Just lookin’ at it in my bank account made me happy! Lol. So although I was rather busy today, I took out some time to budget a little, plan what to do with this money and pay some bills. I went ahead and used this money to pay a couple of bills that were gonna be due in 2 days, cuz I didn’t wanna end up being fined a late fee, cuz I can never seem to get paid on time from work! Ugh! I figured I’d go ahead and pay it, and then later on, when I get my paycheck, just move that sum back over into savings.

I already explained there are 2 major things we are going to accomplish with this tax refund money. One, take my citizenship test. That will be $700 *DIES* Second, is save the remainder of the money to give me a head start on saving for my next plane ticket. Of course, there will be a lot of spending associated with the wedding, so I need to really be very careful of my spending. But once again, the good news is I am down to 3 car payments folks!! Just 3 more and Little Red will be completely paid off!! Muahaha!! I can’t freakin’ wait! Woohoo!!

But then in the afternoon, I got really stressed out cuz I started filling out my paperwork to file for citizenship. One, I hate filling out forms of any kind, like I absolutely HATE it. I remember it took me forever to fill out my college application cuz I HATE filling out applications. Ugh!! Maybe that’s why I’m so lazy to get a new job cuz I don’t wanna fill out more applications. -__-;; But with that said, it was pretty easy to fill out. But there are a lot of details that I don’t remember, such as the exact dates of stuff. I have to go home and dig to see if I can find all that. The exact date I moved to my current residence, the exact date I moved out my last residence, the exact date I quit my last job, etc. Ugh!! Note to self, from now on, write all dates down! *FAILS*


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