Broccoli Chicken Home Wrecker!

MOOD: onigiri- scared(What?!)
Quote Of The Day: “Note to self, not to wear shorts to doggy park again. Doggy wiener against calf isn’t very pleasant. O_o” -Bubs

So here’s some juicy gossip from work to spice it up a bit for everyone! I was being nosy. Ms. Lee was about to explode if she didn’t vent this to someone and me and this other girl became “all ears”. So for those of you who don’t know, Ms. Lee is Asian. She’s Taiwanese, so we both speak Chinese. She said that her little brother in Taiwan who works in Beijing long term, is coming home for Chinese New Years. Most of Ms. Lee’s family is in Taiwan still, only her and her husband are in the U.S. Her daughter is in London, and that’s about it.

So her little brother decided to drop a bombshell on the family yesterday. He announced to everyone (his parents, wife, kids, siblings, etc.) that he’s been cheating on his wife with another woman in Beijing. He basically see’s her as a second wife, they’ve been living together when he’s in Beijing, and wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… THEY  HAVE A 5 YEAR OLD SON TOGETHER!! WTF!!!! Oh man!!! You talk about the family was in shock, I think everyone was like O__O;;

So for Chinese New Year’s, how about he wants to bring home the “side wife” and their kid to get formally introduced to the family and meet the grandparents!! WHAT THE F@CK??? You have an effin’ wife of 30 years!! You have grown ass kids in their 20s!! What the hell is wrong with you?? The “side wife” is getting feisty about it cuz she gave birth to a “son” instead of a “daughter”, and in Chinese tradition, having a son is a big deal cuz it has to do with maintaining the family lineage.

I don’t know if Ms. Lee’s brother was asshole enough to come up with this idea himself, or if the little home wrecker gave him the idea, but it’s not in any way kosher! I find the whole thing low-key upsetting but very entertaining. Unfortunately its like a freakin’ epidemic in Chinese families. Less so for Chinese families in the U.S. but very much a problem for those overseas. Ugh!! Damn you Chinese men!! >_<

Well the issue comes where Ms. Lee has vowed to cut off all relations with her brother if he brings home the “side wife” and their kid. That is bold!! (Referring to the brother, not Ms. Lee) You mean you are going to bring them into you and your wife’s home?? WTF is you thinking?? *FAILS* Although they are all related to the brother more so than the sister-in-law, but everyone is standing behind her and supporting her since he is in the wrong and she is the victim in this situation.

Well here comes the kicker. Apparently, after some deep thinking… The sister-in-law decided that if he brings the side wife home, she’ll accept her and the kid. Uh…. So this leads me to remember a very true quote from a recent movie. “Willingness is scarce even when you have money.” Which basically means that its hard to argue with someone who has the “willingness” to do something. If he wife in this case is willing to acknowledge them, then what is everyone else left to do? Shut up I guess!! *FAILS*

She did in the very end tell him, it is what it is, but just to let him know, that NO ONE in his family is accepting of her or their kid, so the most recent update is that he is apparently not going to bring her home for New Years anymore. Whew!


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