Takis! Me Gusta!

MOOD: onigiri- eating (Grubbin’)
Quote Of The Day: “But my gynecologist said I should just go for natural unless a C section is necessary so I guess I will go for that. PLEASE don’t let my vagina split to my asshole. ” -Wendy

So I don’t know how many of you have had those Flammin’ Hot Cheetos, but those are one of my go to snacks. I can’t say its healthier than potato chips, but at least they’re not fried? O_o Or are they and I’m just in denial? *FAILS* But anyways, it doesn’t matter, I haven’t had any in forever. Ugh.

But all day today, I’ve been munching on its much better, upgraded, distant cousin and also cousin to the Dorito… Takis!!! OMFG. These and my all time favorite Sea Salt and Black Pepper Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are definitely holy grail!! If you Google “Takis” under the description it actually says “A spicy corn chip snack made by Bimbo. It is best known for the purple bag variety. Also known as: The greatest snack on the planet.” Ahahaha!!

Lets first take a look at said snack shall we?

2013-02-07 09.36.26

2013-02-07 09.37.08

Now, actually I have a love hate relationship with this snack. First of all, if you don’t dig the whole “chili-lime” flavor, then you can forget about this cuz the taste is SUPER BOLD. I was never much of a fan of that particular flavor and I have no idea when I started liking it but now I’m addicted to it and its like a fiesta in my mouth. Olay~! Lol.

The taste is SOOO reminiscent of this thing called “Lucas” that we use to eat in middle school. Honestly I don’t know if that was ever classified as a snack or a seasoning, cuz it looks just like cooking seasoning. It comes in a sprinkle container, and you sprinkle it on your hand or wherever and lick it. It was really popular for a while at school, and was going around like drugs!! Lol. This tastes exactly like Lucus sprinkled corn chips!! FTW!

The hate part of the relationship comes in when you eat it, and your fingers stay red for 3 days. -__-;; I’m talkin’ about showering, scrubbing with soap, none of that works. Same thing with the Hot Cheetos, but I feel these are even worse, cuz they are super generous on the seasoning. @__@;; Like literally you can’t wash that shit off. Ugh!! So… Being the innovative Juse that I am, I decided to fix it from the root up. Not work at ways to wash it off, but prevent it all together!! I tried 2 methods. Lets take a look.

2013-02-07 14.24.11

First method was chopsticks!! Yes I know its crazy #chinesesolutions There is NOTHING food related that Chinese folks can’t pick up with a chopstick, if I can pick up an M&M, then I can pick up anything!!

I thought it worked just ok, but I wasn’t too satisfied with it. I know it looks super weird, and Intern Canton Cook was staring at me, but it did keep my fingers completely clean. Problem was, it was hard to adjust putting it in my mouth. The corn chips themselves are pretty long. Whether you put them in horizontal or vertical, it’s essentially a “2 biter” not a “single biter”, so I have to adjust it as I’m eating it, which is way easier with just fingers. >_> Yes I’m really analyzing this shit like it’s a profession. Shuddup.

So here’s the next solution, resorting back to the fingers, but with protection:


Hell yeah!! Folks, I wrapped that shit up in some scotch tape!! You better believe it!! I thought this did a decent job. Finger foods should be consumed with the help of le fingers. Using chopsticks on corn chips is like using a fork and knife on a burger. I mean you could do it, but it don’t feel right. >_> So anyways, This kept my fingers generally clean, but I had the problem of not being able to do other things as I ate, like type, grab stuff, etc. I felt handicapped. No bueno.

But all in all, I would go with the tape method. Yeah, yeah. I’m anal. You… shuddup!! Lol.


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