B!tches With Balls (Or Lack Of, For That Matter…)

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “Must be nice to have a hubby.” -Calvin

Slept well again last night. Very thankful. Unfortunately it was just way too short. Ugh. Can’t wait til this weekend so I can sleep cuz I don’t have errands to run and finally stuff my face like the pig that I’ve been holding out being for the past month and a half! Woohoo!!

Yesterday I was a tad bit busy. Suppose to be more busy now cuz I have an expo at the end of the week, but I’m being lazy about it because they’re not giving me a straight answer about what days we’re going and I don’t want to waste my time and energy designing shit for an expo that we might or might not attend. Ugh. -__-;;

Calvin messaged me on the weekend cuz he’s “bored” since he’s not dating anyone. Why do guys who don’t have GFs LOVE forcing me to talk to them?? I mean I don’t mind it sometimes but I have a life too! I have work, I have friends, I have a hubby!! I don’t have that much time to waste on you cuz you’re simply “bored” and need a person of the opposite sex to talk to! Man!! First it was Intern Kevin, who use to just blow up my damn phone, like he’ll call back to back to back til I pick up. Then it’s Intern Roger! I mean I love me some Roger, but he can get pretty obsessive about dialing my number when he’s bored. When I pick up, he doesn’t even pretend that he had something important to say! He just says “I was bored, I need someone to talk to.” Well, I’m not bored!! Stop calling me to kill time! Auhhh!!!

Now it’s Calvin. -__-;; I should not befriend any dude that doesn’t have a GF, cuz they take up too much of my damn time! So I already complained about how useless and indecisive Calvin was as a person in general. This weekend he suddenly messaged me and said his “date” that he finally went on was an epic fail. I was really pulling for him thinking he finally met someone! They met online, and that was their first meeting. But he told me when he saw her in person, he didn’t feel that “spark”.

Oh well, then he wanted me to tell him all about my work stress. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind telling him but I didn’t because of 2 reasons. One, it was my weekend. I didn’t wanna talk about work. My work is shitty enough; I think during my off days, I am entitled to free my mind from those stressors, right? Two, he’s not asking me cuz he genuinely cares about my well being. He’s asking cuz he still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life or career and he wants to know all about my job to see if he wants to do “design” for a living; although I already told him, that this job requires passion and talent, not just simply a “choice”.

One thing I always live by is that I’m not obligated to entertain your curiosity. I honestly don’t give a f@ck if you’re asking cuz you’re just curious. What the f@ck does your curiosity have to do with me? That’s why I hate nosy ass folks. I don’t exist to fulfill that void in you. If your life was more interesting you wouldn’t be all up in mine. In other words, go get a damn life!! I can tell when you’re asking cuz you genuinely care or when you’re asking cuz you’re a nosy ass b!tch, which Calvin is being. Ugh. So I straight up told him, that it was the weekend, I’d rather spend my personal time with my hubby or reason A relaxing than explain my job in detail to him like some kind of career scout that works for an employment agency trying to recruit. >_> He was like “Oh…”

Then yesterday he messaged me while I was at work and said he misses home. He’s currently in France. I told him, “Dude, I’m busy!! I can’t talk!” And he was like “Oh…” Yup. Hopefully he’ll start getting a clue. Ugh. -__-;


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