Random Sunday Pictures…

MOOD: onigiri- eating (Munching)
Quote Of The Day: “The goal is to not have juices. We don’t like juices flowing. >_>” -Juse

Ok, haven’t posted random pics in a while. Lets get right to it!

2013-01-23 22.38.14

There are like 4 pics of the exact same dish but on different days. Lol. reason A is attempting to work on this “cooking” thing. >_>

2013-01-31 21.33.17

Basically the same mixed veggie dish as the one above, but we added more mushrooms this time.

2013-01-27 21.14.12

Third attempt at making this dish!! We’re improving! Less juices, and threw in more stuff like Shataki Mushrooms!

2013-02-01 22.27.21

Alright, this was attempt #4, and we finally got it right! Woohoo!! So mixed veggies of AA Choy, Shataki Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms, Yuba, and Fungus. Yes I said Fungus, don’t look at me like that, cuz ya’ll know mushrooms are from the Fungi family too right? >_>

2013-02-01 22.20.06

Been attempting to make the white rice more healthy too!! So we added edamame! Love me some damn edamame! So good and good for you!

2013-02-02 14.38.53

Next day we had some left over rice, its a super Chinese thing to do, but always turn left over rice into fried rice, cuz you can’t make fried rice with fresh rice, cuz it doesn’t work. Threw some peas and carrots up and there and we were goin’ to town with it! Woot! Woot!


Day after that we had steamed dumplings. Like these way way better than boiled ones. Love it especially with the hot chili sauce. Yum!

2013-01-27 13.59.22

Last but not least, some random rock candy I decided to munch on cuz I was hungry. Lol. Its usually used for cooking in Chinese dishes, like lump sugar or sugar cubes. Lol.


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