Juse Currently Listening To…

MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Is she slower than me? I’m actually pretty bright if you teach me well.” -Lili

Lovin’ American music at the moment. I go into these phases, and I listen to a ton of Chinese, or Korean or Jap music, and now once again, it’s American. I have got to say that I sure am lovin’ the large memory card! Now I’m hoarding music on it. Lol. Juse currently listening to:


Neako- These Are The Times Album

Folks, this album is the shit! Lol. I liked the whole album. There were no songs I skipped over, and it was legit. Never paid much attention to Neako before, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out in the future. This is his official studio album, although I know he got a shit load of mixtapes out there. I gotta go and find me some. Not really sure how old this album is cuz I forgot to look when I was changing the tags. *FAILS* Don’t think it’s that old though. >_> I’m gonna recommend this it Intern Roger, cuz he likes him some Kanye, and for some reason, I think he’ll like this album. Lol. Some of my favorite tracks are Levitate, The Trip, I Made It All, I Am, and Just Like I Thought.

Happy Listening!


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