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Expo Day 4: Down Home BBQ + Asian Fusion!

MOOD: onigiri- grubbin' (Major Grubbin’)
Quote Of The Day: “This is Asian food for White people. Real Chinese food doesn’t have this decoration shit.” -Intern Jon

2013-02-28 12.26.34

My lunch from Bishop’s BBQ!! Such best damn BBQ in town! Ribs, Cole Slaw, and the BEST F@CKIN’ potato salad in the damn world!

2013-02-28 12.26.55

Super Southern!! Fried Pickles! Woohoo!!

2013-02-28 19.33.47

For dinner we tried a new place! Mist, Asian fusion!

2013-02-28 19.39.33

2013-02-28 19.44.59

2013-02-28 19.48.11

The infamous Chinese starter! Lol.

2013-02-28 19.58.02

Beef Fried Rice

2013-02-28 19.59.33

Beef Asparagus!

2013-02-28 20.00.30

2013-02-28 20.02.50

Kung Pao Chicken!!

2013-02-28 20.03.03

Sesame Chicken!

2013-02-28 20.03.32

MaPo Tofu

2013-02-28 20.23.09

Jumbo Shrimp Thai Curry

2013-02-28 20.29.55


All in all, the food was good! Ambiance was ok too, but it was mad expensive. I don’t think we’ll go back. >_<

Expo Day 3: Alcohol + Seafood Noodles!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “Roger, have you ever had butt before??” -Intern Jon

Not many pics for the day. But here we go:

2013-02-27 06.15.40

Continental breakfast again!!

2013-02-27 11.28.29

What we use to keep the party going in our showroom! Woohoo!!

2013-02-27 11.53.45

Our very unglamorous lunch. McDonald’s baby!!

2013-02-27 13.52.24

This is the best damn KitKat in the world folks!! White chocolate!! So effin’ good! OMG.

2013-02-27 19.24.19

This is where we had dinner! You can’t leave this expo unless you come eat here!

2013-02-27 19.23.29

Its the infamous seafood noodle soup!! It was good!

Expo Day 2: Weird Shit We Found + Sushi

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “Well at least I had pants on!” -Intern Roger

Stayed at the Comfort Inn. Not as good as the Best Western Plus I stayed in last time. One, no free snack bar for me to rape. Second, the walls are not sound proof and I can hear my neighbor’s phone on vibrate. WTF!? But because they booked me the room so damn late, everyone was in town for the expo and there were no vacancies! Not only that, I think they only got me a room for two days so if no vacancies come up here, I will have to relocate. Noo!!! I hate settling down and then having to repack! >_<

So since it’s the second day, we spent the day setting up our showroom and then we played hookie and browsed the other buildings. There was some odd shit!! This is pic heavy. Please brace yourselves. >_>

2013-02-25 19.06a

You know you’re in the country if there is a deer head and turkey hanging overhead. *DIES*

2013-02-26 08.21.53

Continental breakfast from hotel. I usually eat like a pregnant woman when I’m on business trips. >_>

2013-02-26 09.45.29

Intern Jon made a Starbucks run for me! Yays!

2013-02-26 10.21.10

Then I had a second breakfast with the boys. Please don’t judge me. -__-;;

2013-02-26 15.03.22

For lunch we had Dodge’s! Suppose to be the best local fried chicken!

2013-02-26 17.22.32

This was my job of the day. Fill the eggs we bought yesterday with candy!!

2013-02-26 17.24.04

2013-02-26 17.26.00

2013-02-26 17.27.58

All the candy I was filling the eggs with!! Are you seeing this Lili?? Lol.

2013-02-26 18.46.15

Lookie!! Its throne lookin’ chairs! Look at the pink and white one. @__@;;

2013-02-26 18.49.12

OMFG!! In one of the showrooms we saw a big as bunny! I want it!! I want anything big ass!! >_<

2013-02-26 18.51.58

Can’t wait to show Kenny this!!! Its a toilet paper roll holder! Funny…

2013-02-26 19.11.23

I think this little table and chair is endearing. It would look cute in the backyard with a little garden or fountain.

2013-02-26 19.12.24

OMG. Its another one of those big ass medieval chairs. >_>

2013-02-26 19.17.02

Who the hell would sleep in this shit?? Looks like Count Dracula’s bed!! Auhhh!!

2013-02-26 19.17.29

Only in Mississippi folks, would they find this appealing. Blah…

2013-02-26 19.17.54

This can’t possibly be comfortable. @__@;;

2013-02-26 20.04.20

2013-02-26 20.04.53

Dinner tonight was at Mt. Fuji. A staple when we come to MS. I like the ambiance.

2013-02-26 20.10.19

Always start your meal with some miso soup. Yums!

2013-02-26 20.21.36

My seafood hibachi dinner!! Their scallops are SOO good.

2013-02-26 20.35.55

Can’t leave without having some sushi! They were out of uni so I had my usual salmon and salmon roe!

2013-02-26 20.43.26

Sure! Serve a Chinese fortune cookie at a Jap restaurant! Lol. Ugh, too bad my fortune was really genetic. Booo!! >_<

Expo Day 1: On The Road Again + Randomness

MOOD: onigiri- grubbin' (Grubbin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Don’t nobody want hot ass on their face!” -Juse

Because I have sufficient Wi-Fi now in the showroom (Can I get an Amen? XD) I’m gonna try and post on time! Woot!! This means I don’t have like 25 backtrack posts when I come back from the expo. @__@;; Honestly, backtrack posts are a pain in my arse to catch up on. Cuz as I am posting the old shit, I just get more behind on new shit. *FAILS*

Intern Jon said he was gonna pick me up around noon which was kool. But I didn’t get to sleep in like I had planned cuz my useless co-worker called me super early in the morning cuz he jacked up his computer and needed help fixing it. Auhhh! He’s so useless. -___-;; We had to go pick up our signage and make a Starbucks run of course and didn’t officially get on the road til about 2pm. Although I tried to not drink too much water, I had to pee like REALLY BAD. And we were on the stretch of 78 that had no rest stops. FML. I thought I was gonna die. What a good way to go out huh? Yeah. >_> Here are pics to detail my day!

2013-02-25 19.06.09

Had dinner at Cracker Barrel for the first time!

2013-02-25 19.09.55

2013-02-25 19.10.17

2013-02-25 19.10.45

Atmosphere there sure was as the name entailed!

2013-02-25 19.15.05

Random game on the table we played to kill time til our food came.

2013-02-25 19.30.54

Dinner is served! I hate how I’m gonna have to eat a ton of fried shit this week. -__-;;

2013-02-25 19.47.49

Koolest thing about Cracker Barrel is that they sell shit!

2013-02-25 19.48.11

This was so pretty! I love lookin’ at colorful candy. Lol.

2013-02-25 19.48.37

NOTHING, beats a flashing frog! Gets get this party started! Yeah~!

2013-02-25 19.49.14

Lookie!! Its love birds! Pookie Bear I heart you!! Lol.

2013-02-25 20.04.55

Had to make a midnight run to Wally World for shit for the showroom.

Le Sunday Before The Trip…

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Dope!)
Quote Of The Day: “You should treat it like you’re going on vacation.” -Kenny

Woke up this morning to talk to Kenny and started packing a little while I was talkin’ to him. My plan to pack last night was an epic fail so I’m trying to do it early today. Later in the evening I watched the Oscars with reason A and me and Runa were chatting through the whole thing. Although I rarely go to the movies, I do love to watch award ceremonies, especially the Oscars. I don’t think I’ve ever missed one. XD

I ended up not really packing til after the awards. Don’t tell Kenny though cuz he’ll yell at me. The whole time he told me to not watch the Oscars and hurry and get to bed cuz he knows how I don’t sleep in hotels so I’ll be without sleep for a week!! But I told him I never miss the Oscars!! Well I didn’t end up finish packing til almost midnight. *EPIC FAIL* @__@;;

Planning For Our Future

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Woohoo!)
Quote Of The Day: “Well you know I’m usually clueless when it comes to this stuff… >_>” -Kenny

Woke up early this morning so I could discuss some “serious” matters with Kenny. The other day we were discussing on when I was gonna start processing my citizenship thing and I told him that we need to make some more detailed plans. I’m all about detail and I need to know things like actual amounts or dates or whatnot. Our goal all along has been to use “be together” but that is way too vague for me. That’ so broad! So that night he told me that we can discuss about it in detail today.

I know how Kenny gets when he’s tired. He’s not rude or anything, just less patient and not in the mood to ever talk about any “serious” topics. So I knew he wasn’t wanting to discuss that topic at that moment cuz he had just got off work and was worn out. But I threw it out there just in case. Today, surprisingly we actually did make progress!! Kenny is really not good at this stuff, so I always have to lead or he’ll go astray. So we decided on 2 things.

One, when the time comes, I need to request 2 weeks off. Hopefully that will be enough time for us to actually “marry” and register at the court house. I know that’ll take a whole freakin’ day cuz there’s so many folks trying to marry, and then the wedding, wedding photoshoot, honeymoon, and whatever else. Time will be tight but I think it’ll be enough. Second, we decided on a date!! Nov. 11th!! Which is our anniversary date!! How romantic! That means we’ll get married on our 4 year anniversary!! If everything goes as planned I should have all my paperwork and stuff ready by end of the year. Lili pointed out that it was on a Monday so Kenny said we can register that day, but not have the ceremony that day. Which is cool. This is progress folks! I’m gonna start my paperwork right when I get back from my business trip. Woot!

Its Friday, Friday~!

MOOD: onigiri- cheerful (Yays!)
Quote Of The Day: “Pack like you’re going on a trip, not like you’re immigrating. Got it?” -Kenny

Thank you Jesus it is Friday! Actually there is nothing to be happy about because I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I have to make sure I pack tomorrow night and not Sunday night at midnight like I always do and am rushing like a chicken with its head cut off. Ugh!! Today after work, I have to head to Marshalls to buy this big ass plate that reason A wants. Then I need to head to MegaMart cuz there’s no rice at home. Rice is on sale this week, thank God and I can’t let reason A starve while I’m not home. I need to stop by Target for toiletries and amen I found some coupons! Woohoo! Then I get to head home and start getting ready for my trip. Ugh!! *DIES* But I’m still glad its Friday though! Woot! Woot!

The Long Stretch…

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Ugh)
Quote Of The Day: “Mom saw these and swore up and down they were condoms. I guess she’s assuming I’m sleeping with my intern. >_>” -Juse

Such a damn hectic week. Ugh!! Thank God tomorrow is Friday! I actually had a much better day today, cuz I got some breathing time since I finished designing all the stuff for the expo and already submitted them for printing. Stuff should be ready by Monday. This time it’s just going to be Intern Jon and me going, since Intern Roger is already in Mississippi. Intern Canton Cook is gonna stay and hold down the fort while we’re gone. She technically got transferred to another department, which includes more “physical labor” rather than designing. She does the board and paper cutting stuff. But Bossman figured since she’s useless here, he wanted to try her out in another department. Come to find out she better with “simple mechanical tasks” so that’s what she’s doing. But her desk is still in my department so I guess she gotta work some magic while we’re gone. >_>

Busy As Shit Cotinued! + Business Trip Upsides

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Delusional)
Quote Of The Day: “Me too. I mean Kenny ain’t here, I’m not single. I ain’t got no one to impress. Granny panties all day! Woohoo!” -Juse

My goal today was to finish designing all the shit for the expo. We gotta get it all printed up this weekend. They also told me today that we are leaving Monday instead of Tuesday. FML. -__-;; But there are upsides to this. One, gas is super expensive right now!! Why the hell the other day I got gas at $3.55, and when I got off work it was $3.67!! Doesn’t it go up pennies at a time?? Now its $0.12 at a time!! That’s scary! That’s in 8 hours folks!! Then the next day I pass by the QT and gas is now $3.79!! WTF!! Man! Not only that, but I’ve been speeding like a demon on the highway recently, to save some commute time and I’m sure that’s wasting a lot of gas cuz I’m doing at least 75 to 80. That’s like an extra $10 a week on gas. So at the rate I’m going, I’m spending at least $50 a week on gas, so if I’m gone for a whole week, that saves me $50! Woohoo!!

Second upside is it’s a hot mess at work right now, and I really don’t feel like watching over Ms. Lee’s department, so with me gone, that’s one less thing I gotta deal with. Ugh! They can do what the hell they wanna do with that, but I’m going to MS to be with the expo folks, eat my sushi and stare at the buffalo. Lol.

Busy As Shit!! >_<

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset (Auhhh!!)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s it. I’m going to Africa again. -__-;;” -Juse

Auhhhh!!!! I was effin’ busy as shit!! Today was Ms. Lee’s last day. She’s going to Taiwan for 3 weeks or getting fired. I don’t know which one yet. But point is, I have all this shit to design for the expo which is next week, and  I have to watch over her department, it’s like a hot mess in here! I haven’t been this damn busy in so long that I don’t even know what exactly I’m doing! I’m kinda in auto pilot mode and just designing without even thinking too much. Man!!

Then I finally stopped for a breather around 4pm and that’s when I realized, Oh shit! I better hurry up and get with Ms. Lee to do some exchanging of info before its time to get off!! There’s so much shit I need to ask her about her paperwork and I’m really not very familiar with all that. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve covered for her, but there’s been a lot of new processes put in place since last time so I have to familiarize myself with that. But I had to really do some fast designing for my stuff cuz once she leaves, I won’t be able to concentrate too much on designing cuz I’ll be in and out. Ugh!!

Damn you for requesting off during our busy season!! I think she did it on purpose. I mean, every company has a blackout period when its high season and you’re not allowed to request off, she knows this is our blackout season, but she was super sneaky with it and booked her ticket BEFORE she actually turned in her request to Bossman!! Isn’t that sneaky?? So what is he gonna do? Make her waste her “non-refundable” ticket?? He has no choice but to let her go, but I know he’s livid about it and wants to fire her and this is a good excuse, so we’ll have to see. But whew!! Long ass day!! Tired as shit balls!! >_<