Random Tuesday Thoughts…

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Woot, Woot)
Quote Of The Day: “If he’s happy on bansai salary, then we have a winner!” -Juse

Had an odd dream last night that I went shopping with Tanya for baby stuff. #twinslove

Still organizing music and came across a lot of old favorites. #musicthrowback

Figured out how to use AirDroid to wirelessly import music onto Stella!! #helltheFyeah

For some reason, I can’t find oysters at the grocery store. O_o #oystershortage

Although I’ve been on a “veggie only diet” for the past month, I think I gained weight. #epicfail

I can’t tell if 2Chainz said “big booty hoe” or “big booty hole”. >_> #wtfrapmusic

Where the hell did January go? Its almost over? That’s jacked up. #timeflies



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