Hubby Goes On Mini Vacay Pt. 2!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “I don’t wanna stay in the water too long. Parts of me will shrink. O_O” -Kenny

Ugh. I feel so damn tired. Kenny’s phone call woke me up this morning. He’s finally home, cuz its his Sunday night already. He said he’s worn out too. Although it was a mini vacation but their schedule was jam packed, so he feels worn out. He spent his Sunday in the Jacuzzi! What?? Livin’ it up! At first I didn’t know how I felt about that. It was actually one of those Japanese Hot Springs kinda thing. Its suppose to be good for your health. Of course there are male and female co-workers that are gonna be in a big ass hot spring half naked. Uh… No bueno. Lol. But he told me that the men and women had different springs so he was only gonna be around half ass naked men, so no worries. Ahaha.

He said he spent like 2 hours in the hot springs, and apparently it helps you lose water weight cuz of all the steaming and sweating I suppose, so he said he lost 3lbs from it. *FALLS* Maybe I should try it sometime. I don’t mind soaking myself until I’m like a wrinkled prune. Lol! When I woke him up this morning, he was still hung over I think. I told Runa that if “dead” had a sound, then that’s what Kenny sounded like. *FAILS* Poor thing. We were on the phone for like 5 minutes and I didn’t understand a damn word he said!! His face was buried in the pillow and I couldn’t understand the mumble. >_> He did have a good breakfast. He said they had everything there, and he stuffed his face. Then they did the hot springs thing, and then started heading back.

His whole vacay schedule had me thrown off and my weekend was wack! I was waking up at odd hours of the night checking my messages and stuff. Ugh! I feel really unrested. -__-;; This means its gonna be a LOOOONG ass Monday! FML.


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