Hubby Goes On Mini Vacay Pt. 1!

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Aww…)
Quote Of The Day: “My nipples hurt.” -Kenny

So this weekend, Kenny went on his business trip/ mini vacation. Their department reached their quarterly sales goal, so that was the company’s way of rewarding them. They had one conference meeting to go to, in a city about 2 hours away and they were gonna stay at this five star hotel and resort for 2 days, and one night. Sweet!! I wish my company was this good to me! Lol.

So this morning he left. It was a lot of folks. He said about 30 co-workers? They rented one of those huge coach travel buses, and went on their way. They got there around noon time and had a great lunch. It was rainy but I think it stopped by the time they got there. Then they went sightseeing and mountain climbing?? I don’t remember. Then they had their “meeting” in the afternoon, and in the evening they all went out, had dinner, then did karaoke (Asian people’s favorite pastime. Lol) and got super drunk. Ugh. He kept sneaking out the place to call me cuz I told him to update me throughout the whole trip. He thought karoking was boring, cuz there were too many people so he didn’t get much of a chance to sing. Kenny’s a REALLY good singer. Too bad he didn’t get to show off his pipes. Lol.

Later they started drinking like crazy and he called me a few times, but I could hear his co-workers yelling at him in the background to hurry up and get back in the room to drink some more. *DIES* So by the time they finished partyin’ it up and got back to the hotel, it was his 2am already! Auhh! Kenny called me when he got out the shower. Half dead and said that he’s getting way too old to be partying like that with the youngin’s. Lol!! Poor thing. He also said he had a “hug” with the toilet bowl cuz he drank too much. I’ve heard him get drunk before, but I think this is the first time he’s threw up because of it. *DIES* Worst part is I have to wake him up around 7am cuz he has a meeting at 8. Auhhh!! My poor Pookie Bear!! >_<


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