Random Wednesday Thoughts…

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Happy Hands)
Quote Of The Day: “Uh… So you’re chewing on vinegar??” -Kenny

Didn’t get enough shut eye last night and almost fell asleep driving to work this morning. #deprived

Loving this new 32GB memory card for le Stella. Now I have music galore! #pimpmyphone

MyPhoneExplorer is a WAY BETTER phone manager software than Samsung Kies! #efficient

To prevent from getting lipstick/lipgloss on my mug at work, I put a piece of scotch tape at the rim. #weirdtricks

My nails are getting so long that its painful to type, cuz my nails bang on the keyboard. >_< #pricewepayforbeauty

Chinese New Years is 13 days away!! #eatlikeapig

I’m having a very good work week so far cuz I haven’t done much work. =P #milkingtheclock


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