Remembering I Am Blessed, Because I Have A New Memory Card…

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Quote Of The Day: “I just realized that I like mushrooms. I like them a lot. Just like how I love big booties. I just don’t like them on my pizza.” -Juse

2013-01-22 14.42.53

Today’s post is all about giving thanks. Lol. Thank you Bossman for sponsoring me a new memory card for Stella! Stella is what I named my phone. >_> Don’t ask me why. My phone has 16GB internal memory. They only had two versions when I got it, the 16GB and the 32GB one. I should have got the 32GB one, but it was too expensive, plus I figured I could always upgrade with a larger external microSD card when I was ready. I had an 8GB microSD card at home, and a couple of 4GBs and 2GBs. But being the “memory” greedy person that I am, the larger the better!! Lol.

I kept putting off getting one cuz I didn’t like spending money on it. They’re really not that cheap, so I just kept waiting and waiting, but recently, how about my card is almost full!! The internal memory is filled with apps. Yes my apps and random shit take up 16GB, don’t ask me. So I put all my pictures and music on my external 8GB card, which is not enough folks!! So today I went ahead and ordered out of my “spending account” a 32GB card for my phone!! Muahahaha. Technically I do use the phone for work stuff. O_o Like taking pics, and email and whatnot. I think its kosher. >_>

Although I have a shitty job that doesn’t compensate me correctly, exploits me, and uses and abuses me. Sometimes I do feel very blessed. When its not busy at work, I spend most of my time talkin’ to Kenny, downloading and listening to music and movies!! What kinda job is this?? Lol. Yeah… I need to shut up sometimes and just be thankful. Now if only Bossman can pay me on damn time, I’d be good to go! Lol.


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