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Juse Work Happenin’s…

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Just stay away from the perv.” -Kenny

Alright. Bossman wasn’t here today cuz he went on a mini business trip. I didn’t know he was gone til Intern Roger told me he was in Mississippi with him. >_> #hellyeah People, I did a ton of shit today!! Organizing music like a mad woman!! Not only that, I downloaded a shit of new albums, and I listened to a shit load too!! I think my ears are about to blister, cuz I’ve had my Bluetooth in my ear all day. I think I finished listening to at least 5 albums. “Currently Listening To” reviews of the albums will be coming soon! Woohoo!!

Now onto reporting the bad news. So apparently both Ms. Lee and Manager Bill will be requesting off Feb. 19th, through like March 9th!! Nooo!!! That totally stress me out. Cuz when they aren’t here, I usually watch over their duties. But my ass can’t watch over everyone’s duties at the same damn time!! OMFG!! Why are you requesting off?? Why are you requesting off for so damn long? That’s not even the worst part. Worst part is I’m gonna be super busy then anyways, cuz I need to start preparing for my business trip out of town at the end of February through the beginning of March! >_<

So I have to run 3 departments and prepare for an expo all by myself?? WTF!! This is so unfair! But get this, how about when me and Intern Jon go to the expo, only Intern Canton Cook is gonna be left here by herself. O___O *GULPS* Watch some shit get screwed up and we are too damn far away to fix it! Auhhh! I thought Bossman was gonna fire her, cuz she is the worst out of all the interns, but please tell me why she’s the one that ends up staying for good? Its very apparent to me that he’s not hiring folks based on their “ability” or “skills”, but based solely on looks. Ugh!! Such a damn old perv!!

So I’m pretty stressed about this situation. If I didn’t have to go to the expo then maybe I wouldn’t be so stressed cuz my department wouldn’t be that busy around the same time. Sometimes I feel its unfair to single people. Because its more “convenient” to exploit me cuz I don’t have a family, and here my co-workers are requesting off cuz hubby is sick, kids are sick, someone had a baby, blah, blah. Because I don’t have a family, I have to travel more, and other things as well. I don’t have an excuse to request off either!! WTF!! This is jacked up. -__- FML.

The Storm Be Comin’…

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Skurred)
Quote Of The Day: “Well you know reason A small. Last time she went outside when it was windy to take out the trash, she got blown away, and I had to go on the streets and pick her back up.” -Juse

Uh… This storm thing ain’t no joke!! Early this morning, I received a text message from the National Weather Service. It was a really loud alarm sound and scared the crap out of me. Later I realized it was unsolicited but one of those Emergency warnings. Then around 2pm, it started getting really really dark outside!! It was scary!! Auhhh!! And then it started raining and the wind was crazy!! I was so scared. I prayed that it would stop before I have to get off at 5pm. >_<

I purposely parked Little Red on a very flat parking spot. I didn’t want her to drown like last time. She was basically buried up to her wheel and I had to pull trash bags over my legs in order to walk out!! That was rough! Man! I never wanna do that again. >_>

Luckily, it’s about 4pm right now, and the storm seems to have calmed down some. I hope it doesn’t get crazy again when I’m about to get off work. Auhhhh!!

Random Tuesday Thoughts…

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Woot, Woot)
Quote Of The Day: “If he’s happy on bansai salary, then we have a winner!” -Juse

Had an odd dream last night that I went shopping with Tanya for baby stuff. #twinslove

Still organizing music and came across a lot of old favorites. #musicthrowback

Figured out how to use AirDroid to wirelessly import music onto Stella!! #helltheFyeah

For some reason, I can’t find oysters at the grocery store. O_o #oystershortage

Although I’ve been on a “veggie only diet” for the past month, I think I gained weight. #epicfail

I can’t tell if 2Chainz said “big booty hoe” or “big booty hole”. >_> #wtfrapmusic

Where the hell did January go? Its almost over? That’s jacked up. #timeflies


The Price We Pay For Beauty + Odd Claws Dream

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “If you wanna do a ghetto Spanish version then do like my friend and just add a “los” or “o” at the end of each world. So it would be “Yardo Saleo”. Ahahaha.” -Juse

So I’ve been growing my nails out since last Thanksgiving when I went ring shopping with Lili. I’ve also been wearing the same damn pink nail polish ever since then too. Lol! Of course I redo my nails every week but I always use the same color. Why? Cuz it’s the only discreet one that reason A doesn’t yell at me about. -__-;; My nails are rather long now and perfect for nail art designs but I can’t do any, cuz reason A is against it. Yes I am a 30 year old woman that doesn’t have permission to wear nail polish. >_> The reason is cuz she’s super sensitive to health related issues, and says that nail polish is a chemical and I shouldn’t put unnecessary chemicals on or in my body. That’s also why she’s against make up and everything else in the world. *FAILS*

Anyways, so I love me some long nails, but it DEFINITELY has its disadvantages. One, when I accidentally scratch myself, its painful. Lol. Two, I can’t text on my phone cuz my touch screen doesn’t react to nail tapping, it has to be the actual finger touching the screen. *FAILS* Third, typing on an actual computer keyboard isn’t much better cuz all that pounding makes my fingers hurt. Ugh!! Lets take a look at le nails. >_>

2013-01-26 19.53.38

So last night I had the oddest dream. I dreamt that I had retractable nails!! WTF!! Yes! Like in my dream I was sleeping, and when I woke up I realized my nails were all short. I got upset thinking that maybe reason A cut them while I was asleep?? *FAILS* But as I examined my nails more, I realized that they were retractable and I could just pull them out to their full length when I wanted too!! Whoa!! That’s weird shit!! That’s gotta be one of the oddest dreams I’ve ever had. @__@;;

Hubby Goes On Mini Vacay Pt. 2!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “I don’t wanna stay in the water too long. Parts of me will shrink. O_O” -Kenny

Ugh. I feel so damn tired. Kenny’s phone call woke me up this morning. He’s finally home, cuz its his Sunday night already. He said he’s worn out too. Although it was a mini vacation but their schedule was jam packed, so he feels worn out. He spent his Sunday in the Jacuzzi! What?? Livin’ it up! At first I didn’t know how I felt about that. It was actually one of those Japanese Hot Springs kinda thing. Its suppose to be good for your health. Of course there are male and female co-workers that are gonna be in a big ass hot spring half naked. Uh… No bueno. Lol. But he told me that the men and women had different springs so he was only gonna be around half ass naked men, so no worries. Ahaha.

He said he spent like 2 hours in the hot springs, and apparently it helps you lose water weight cuz of all the steaming and sweating I suppose, so he said he lost 3lbs from it. *FALLS* Maybe I should try it sometime. I don’t mind soaking myself until I’m like a wrinkled prune. Lol! When I woke him up this morning, he was still hung over I think. I told Runa that if “dead” had a sound, then that’s what Kenny sounded like. *FAILS* Poor thing. We were on the phone for like 5 minutes and I didn’t understand a damn word he said!! His face was buried in the pillow and I couldn’t understand the mumble. >_> He did have a good breakfast. He said they had everything there, and he stuffed his face. Then they did the hot springs thing, and then started heading back.

His whole vacay schedule had me thrown off and my weekend was wack! I was waking up at odd hours of the night checking my messages and stuff. Ugh! I feel really unrested. -__-;; This means its gonna be a LOOOONG ass Monday! FML.

Hubby Goes On Mini Vacay Pt. 1!

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Aww…)
Quote Of The Day: “My nipples hurt.” -Kenny

So this weekend, Kenny went on his business trip/ mini vacation. Their department reached their quarterly sales goal, so that was the company’s way of rewarding them. They had one conference meeting to go to, in a city about 2 hours away and they were gonna stay at this five star hotel and resort for 2 days, and one night. Sweet!! I wish my company was this good to me! Lol.

So this morning he left. It was a lot of folks. He said about 30 co-workers? They rented one of those huge coach travel buses, and went on their way. They got there around noon time and had a great lunch. It was rainy but I think it stopped by the time they got there. Then they went sightseeing and mountain climbing?? I don’t remember. Then they had their “meeting” in the afternoon, and in the evening they all went out, had dinner, then did karaoke (Asian people’s favorite pastime. Lol) and got super drunk. Ugh. He kept sneaking out the place to call me cuz I told him to update me throughout the whole trip. He thought karoking was boring, cuz there were too many people so he didn’t get much of a chance to sing. Kenny’s a REALLY good singer. Too bad he didn’t get to show off his pipes. Lol.

Later they started drinking like crazy and he called me a few times, but I could hear his co-workers yelling at him in the background to hurry up and get back in the room to drink some more. *DIES* So by the time they finished partyin’ it up and got back to the hotel, it was his 2am already! Auhh! Kenny called me when he got out the shower. Half dead and said that he’s getting way too old to be partying like that with the youngin’s. Lol!! Poor thing. He also said he had a “hug” with the toilet bowl cuz he drank too much. I’ve heard him get drunk before, but I think this is the first time he’s threw up because of it. *DIES* Worst part is I have to wake him up around 7am cuz he has a meeting at 8. Auhhh!! My poor Pookie Bear!! >_<

Juse Currently Listening To…

MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Groovin’)
Quote Of The Day: “You need to start buying the stuff now cuz I don’t wanna fight people for meat.” -reason A

Friday folks!! Thank you Baby Jesus!! Lol. I’m usually not much of a pop music a fan but this album just dropped  not too long ago I believe, and since I’m trying to expand my horizon when it comes to music, I’ve decided that I’m gonna listen to anything I can get my hands on. Juse currently listening to:

mia rey

Mia Rey- My Moment (Chapter 1) Album

I believe this is the only album she has out right now, other than a mixed tape. She’s a Miami based Puerto Rican singer I believe. I have to admit she has a nice voice. I’m just not much of a fan. But there are a few good tracks on this album. Some of my favorites are Sprung, Breaking Up, Circles, and You Are (Feat. Raekwon).

Happy Listening!

Mid-Life Crisis Has A Name, And Its… Calvin.

MOOD: onigiri- dillusional(WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “The only thing I know I have as a goal is to survive.” -Calvin

Lawd have mercy folks!! Today I am completely drained of all my damn energy!! I was already kinda worn out from organizing my music diligently, but all that work doesn’t even compare to talkin’ to Calvin for a couple of hours! He killed all my damn brain cells! Auhhh! I think Calvin is 26 this year? Apparently he’s having a quarter life crisis, which I’ve only vaguely heard about but never experienced.

He is having questions about his future, both career wise or relationship wise, and he is absolutely clueless about everything!! At first I didn’t mind talking to him about it, but now it’s just gotten annoying. Just like the quote I always say, “God helps those who help themselves.” If you don’t make an effort then you’re never gonna make any progress!! You can’t always depend on others to solve your problems!

He said he doesn’t know what to do with his life or what to pursue after he graduates. I was like, well what did you major in? Dude majored in French. Really? I have no damn clue what you’re supposed to pursue either. -__-;; You are a freakin’ 26 year old adult. How the hell you still not have a clue about where you wanna take yourself? You’re a man. Aren’t you suppose to be driven and focused on your career and instead you’re just like “Uh… clueless” @__@;;

So I wasted 3 hours of my life trying to help him sort out his problems cuz get this, “I don’t know what good qualities I have.” Well guess what? In that case, I guess you don’t have any. I think everyone should know what their qualities and faults are. If you don’t then you’re a fail. You might not know all of them, but you have got to know some!! Co’mon now!! Ugh.

Random Wednesday Thoughts…

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Happy Hands)
Quote Of The Day: “Uh… So you’re chewing on vinegar??” -Kenny

Didn’t get enough shut eye last night and almost fell asleep driving to work this morning. #deprived

Loving this new 32GB memory card for le Stella. Now I have music galore! #pimpmyphone

MyPhoneExplorer is a WAY BETTER phone manager software than Samsung Kies! #efficient

To prevent from getting lipstick/lipgloss on my mug at work, I put a piece of scotch tape at the rim. #weirdtricks

My nails are getting so long that its painful to type, cuz my nails bang on the keyboard. >_< #pricewepayforbeauty

Chinese New Years is 13 days away!! #eatlikeapig

I’m having a very good work week so far cuz I haven’t done much work. =P #milkingtheclock

Remembering I Am Blessed, Because I Have A New Memory Card…

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “I just realized that I like mushrooms. I like them a lot. Just like how I love big booties. I just don’t like them on my pizza.” -Juse

2013-01-22 14.42.53

Today’s post is all about giving thanks. Lol. Thank you Bossman for sponsoring me a new memory card for Stella! Stella is what I named my phone. >_> Don’t ask me why. My phone has 16GB internal memory. They only had two versions when I got it, the 16GB and the 32GB one. I should have got the 32GB one, but it was too expensive, plus I figured I could always upgrade with a larger external microSD card when I was ready. I had an 8GB microSD card at home, and a couple of 4GBs and 2GBs. But being the “memory” greedy person that I am, the larger the better!! Lol.

I kept putting off getting one cuz I didn’t like spending money on it. They’re really not that cheap, so I just kept waiting and waiting, but recently, how about my card is almost full!! The internal memory is filled with apps. Yes my apps and random shit take up 16GB, don’t ask me. So I put all my pictures and music on my external 8GB card, which is not enough folks!! So today I went ahead and ordered out of my “spending account” a 32GB card for my phone!! Muahahaha. Technically I do use the phone for work stuff. O_o Like taking pics, and email and whatnot. I think its kosher. >_>

Although I have a shitty job that doesn’t compensate me correctly, exploits me, and uses and abuses me. Sometimes I do feel very blessed. When its not busy at work, I spend most of my time talkin’ to Kenny, downloading and listening to music and movies!! What kinda job is this?? Lol. Yeah… I need to shut up sometimes and just be thankful. Now if only Bossman can pay me on damn time, I’d be good to go! Lol.