Juse’s 2012 Year In Summary!

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Quote Of The Day: “We’ve been together for another year baby!!” -Kenny

Ladies and gents, it is officially the last day of 2012!! Its also my last blog post of the year!! OMFG! I honestly can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. I think time goes by faster the older we get. I guess that’s why they say we should enjoy life while we can, cuz it seems to speed up as we get older. >_< For easier reading, we will split this post up into 3 sections. So lets start off with a recap on Juse’s 2012 resolutions and the the results of them shall we?

2012 Resolution Recaps:
-Start a savings account.
-Make a career move.
-Get hitched!
-Lose weight.
-Stay organized and clean!

Welp, I’m happy to inform everyone that I have accomplished for the first time; absolutely nothing on my list!! Lol. Ok, that’s not even funny. -__- I did start a savings account, in matter of fact I started a few, but they’re all empty so I guess that defeats the purpose of that. >_> I didn’t make a career move, and I’m still stuck at the same dead end job as I was before working for the same asshole Bossman that I was before. *FAILS* Get hitched. Hum, honestly I consider this one a pass although I didn’t get hitched, but I am one step closer to it this year cuz I got engaged!! Folks! Let me pass on this one! Lol. Lose weight is like a definite no. At one point I did lose like 10lbs, but I’m sure I’ve gained all that back from Thanksgiving til now.*DIES* And the stay organized and clean is half ass. I don’t mean stay clean like I’m a dirty person, I just mean my paperwork and bills and desk at work. I say it’s a pass, cuz I have been keeping stuff more organized than last year. XD

2012 Top 5 Highlights/Events:
(#5) Opened new blog!! (For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, I started this blog on Jan. 1st, 2012!! So my blog will be turning one year old tomorrow!! Woohoo!! I’m thankful that I started bloggin’again, honestly its something I love to do. It helps me to record all the happenings of my life on a daily basis both good and bad. I think its therapeutic and helps keep me sane. XD)

(#4) Computer died! (This is not a happy event so I guess “highlight” isn’t really a good word for it, but it was a big thing in Juse’s life since I’ve only had one other computer die on me. For those of you who don’t know, its REALLY hard for Juse to live without a computer. @__@;; Everything I do is computer related, be it with work or leisure so that was quite the headache. I thought I was gonna have to buy a new one but Earlene ended up lending me her laptop and I’m still using it to this day. So Juse’s life was saved again!! Lol.)

(#3) Went through 3 intern girls! (I had the drama of going through 3 intern girls this year!! This was definitely a nightmare and not a highlight but it did take up the whole year and each left a lasting impression on me so I think it’s significant enough to take a spot. I usually have guy interns so it is very rare that I get girls and much less 3 in a row!! Intern Emily, Intern Avril (aka Intern Bambi) and Intern June (aka Intern Canton Cook which is the last one standing) I hate them, loved them, and hate them, in that order. Lol. Poor Intern Bambi was the only one good for anything and she got fired. Ugh! Life is just not fair folks. They’ve taught me so many things but mainly, that stupidity doesn’t have its limits. -__- and good help is DEFINITELY hard to find! Whew!!)

(#2) Juse had a HUGE eye infection! (Once again, not a highlight but very significant. This was the biggest eye infection I’ve ever had and I’ve been wearing contacts since like middle school. It was really scary, painful and very very frustrating! Please take good care of your eyes folks! That’s definitely a lesson learned. You only get one pair, make sure you really take good care of them. I don’t even remember how many meds I was on or how much money I spent on  meds, and that’s with full coverage health insurance folks!! OMG. Worst experience ever! Ugh!)

(#1) Juse got engaged!! (This, ladies and gents is the REAL highlight of my freakin’ year!! Yeah!!! I still can’t believe it when I say it now!! Auhhh!! So basically this one thing can help make up for all the other shitty things that happened to me this year!! XD)

2012 Year In Summary:
So in summary, I had a good year. I don’t think anything can make me happier than getting engaged. I’ve had my share of ups and downs this year but in comparison to the previous year, I think I did good. My only regret is that I didn’t get to visit Kenny this year. But then again, it’s just really not in my budget or his. Our goal now is to save up for the wedding. And previously I had all those issues with Little Red, but she’s doing ok now, so hopefully she’ll hold out til I finish my car payments which is only 5 more f@cking payments away!! Hell the f@ck yeah!! Sorry I’m cursing so much but I’m excited. XD Lol. So that’s Juse’s year in summary!! Woohoo!! Bye bye 2012!!


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