Day 2 Of 4: Great Wall Is My Nemesis…

MOOD: onigiri- scared(DAFAQ)
Quote Of The Day: ” Guess who I saw at Great Wall today? My Aunt. O_O” -Juse

Ya’ll know how much I hate going to Great Wall right? I mean the Chinese supermarket. I hate going to Chinese places cuz none of their asses know how to damn park and they have this staring problem that makes me wanna poke all their eyes out. Well I especially hate going to Great Wall ever since last time I ran into Canton Cook there. Ugh!! That was the worst experience ever, and she really got my blood boiling!! She attacked me and reason A and as apparent and impolite as I had made it that I didn’t wanna talk to her or even look up to acknowledge her, she still insisted on following us and trying to strike up a convo! Get the picture you idiot!! I don’t like you!! Hello!!! Ugh!! >_<

Anyways, so today reason A sent me to Great Wall again to pick up som things for her. Besides getting some ingredients, I always to go to pick her up some Chinese newspapers. They’re usually complimentary and right in front of the exit lobby. As I was about to turn out and exit while heading towards the newspapers, guess what?? I saw my Aunt!! WTF!! I stared at her, though my feet didn’t stop, and she stared at me. Although she hadn’t seen me since my freshman year of college or something like that I knew that she knew it was me cuz I really haven’t changed much. I don’t know if she ever planned to open her mouth and say anything but I ran out of their so damn fast that I didn’t even stop to breathe until I was out the building!

For those of you who don’t know, reason A and my Aunt hate each other. I mean REALLY hate each other. reason A is the youngest of her siblings and my Aunt is the 4th oldest. My grandma had a total of 11 kids, and reason A is the youngest, but minus the ones that have already passed away, here’s a basic summary. First one is an Aunt, second is an Aunt, third is an Uncle (but he passed already), fourth one is an Aunt (said Aunt), fifth one is an Aunt, sixth one is an Uncle (the infamous uncle) and then there’s reason A.

So as crazy as reason A is, she is definitely not paranoid about this, but my Aunt is a b!tch. She’s a jealous prick and always out to sabotage reason A’s life. Funny part is that she has everything, and reason A has nothing in comparison!! My cousins (Aunt’s daughters) are both gorgeous, married off well, have great jobs and are doing perfect. Look at me! Look at reason A! Why the hell are you jealous of her?? Ugh. I don’t even get it but they’ve always been like this. The part that’s jacked up is ya’ll know ya’ll don’t have any other relatives in such close proximity to each other, so you guys really should be much closer! My Aunt lives less than 30 minutes away for crying out loud!! But we’re like effin’ strangers!! I don’t even tell folks I have family here cuz I think its embarrassing to let folks know that I have family here yet when I’m in times of need its always friends that come to my rescue and not family!!! Auhhh!!

So yeah. I saw Aunt at the grocery store and made a run for it. Honestly I was in a state of shock. I’m sure not greeting her after she saw me was not very kosher but I don’t give a damn, cuz like Tanya always said, respect is earned, not demanded so I am not obligated to respect you simply cuz you are my Aunt. So yeah, she basically f@cked up my evening. Good thing is the day was almost over anyways so it was like whatever. >_>


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