Random Friday Pictures!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Woohoo!!)
Quote Of The Day: “In my world, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine!” -Juse

Last day at work today before my awesome 4 day weekend!! Woohoo!!! So freakin’ excited although I have no plans but to stuff my face and spend it with Kenny!! Lol. So I’ve accumulated some pics folks, so today is random picture day!

egg plant patties

reason A’s eggplant patties! They are awesome and reason A calls them “Frog Swollows Honey” Ahaha. Everyone that hears the name is like WTF? Cuz when you split the pattie open and put the ground pork filling in it, it’s like a frog’s mouth. >_>

asian style shrimp

This is one of the dishes from Christmas dinner I think? Asian style shrimp!!

festive popcorn

Festive popcorn I found in the farmer’s market! They had green too! Cute!

egg drop soup

Last night’s Egg Drop Soup! And yes real Chinese Egg Drop Soup has tomatoes in it, not like the restaurant kind! Lol.


I got a bunch of chocolate today! Godiva all day long baby!!


These Godiva’s were super yummy! XD


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