Annnnnd, Its Back To Making Donuts Again. -__-;;

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever(Blah)
Quote Of The Day: “I think you’re the perfect wife for me.” -Chris

Back to work I go folks! Now my internal clock is all jacked up cuz this morning when I woke up it felt like a Monday, but I know it’s a Wednesday so my body is like WTF? O_o Lol. Good news is after today I only have 2 days left before my 4 day weekend! Woohoo!! Not that I have anything exciting planned, but me and Kenny are gonna video chat until we pass out!! Lol! We still haven’t really like sat down and had a good video chat since I got my ring! That’s back in November around Thanksgiving! So it’s almost been 3 weeks since I’ve seen my Pookie Bear!! >_< Ugh!

Today my favorite intern, Intern Roger came back. He’s usually at our other sister company in Mississippi working. When William quit, we couldn’t get somebody to watch over there fast enough so Bossman stuck him there and told him it’d be temporary. But almost 6 months later, I think he’s gonna be stuck there for life. Ugh. -__-;;

Today when Bossman came in he brought this random new dude. Apparently it was a son of a “friend’s”, and he was showing him around town. The kid is from Pittsburgh, and he’s just here visiting and stuffers. I call him kid but he just graduated college so I’m assuming he’s in his early 20’s? But man this kid can talk!! Thank God he didn’t come attack me! At first Ms. Lee greeted him and then he started chatting it up with her and started going on and on! I mean he seems super friendly but definitely a little too friendly for my liking. Then he got a hold of Intern Roger, and poor Intern Roger!! He wouldn’t shut up and I could tell Intern Roger kept staring at me from the side and I was just cracking the hell up!!

One down and two more days to go folks! Woohoo!!


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