Merry Christmas!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray(Hooray)
Quote Of The Day: “So did your family get together end up like mine where everyone was fighting like crazy?” -Rosemarie

merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! I finally get the damn day off! Lol. I slept in this morning and had a glorious sleep. @__@ Like for real though, I slept til about 2pm and only woke up cuz reason A was walkin’ outside my room and startled me like a stalker. >_> I figured I was hungry although I really wanted to hibernate and had to get up to stuff my face since I didn’t fatten myself up with salmon like bears do. Lol!! reason A made a good meal and we enjoyed ourselves. It does suck to have to go to work tomorrow though, and having a Tuesday off is the weirdest thing ever! Its smack in the middle of the week and although I’m getting a day off it feels like I’m not! I feel jipped! Lol. But I guess good  news is once I head back tomorrow, I’ll only have to work 3 days before my week is over again and this time I get a big fat 4 day weekend! Woot! Woot!! I hope everyone got to spend some time with their friends and family! Merry Christmas folks!


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