Hustlin’ On Christmas Eve!

MOOD: onigiri- lightsaber (Workin’ It)
Quote Of The Day: “Your dad never tell us what subject we’re on. -__-;;” -Juse

I know its Christmas Eve and I’m supposed to be all happy and jolly and shit, but my ass is at work when the rest of the world has today off, so you can’t expect me to be too thrilled about this situation. >_> But the situation did make a turn for the better when Bossman had to leave early to attend his Christmas party and so he told me and the only other person at work, Manager Bill that we can leave at a decent hour! Woohoo!! Folks, the damn phone didn’t even ring today! Ugh. I was literally just here hanging out for no damn reason. Such a waste of my gas. -__-;; But good news is we can leave at 2:30pm, and Bossman gave me a gift card for $50!! Woot! Woot! Ended up being a good day after all!! Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve! I know I will!! XD


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