Workin’ Like A Biatch + Random Stuffers

MOOD: onigiri- dead(Dead)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you like one of those pervy weirdos?” -Juse

OMFG!! Today was super busy at work. Just knew that Bossman was gonna drive me insane when he got back! Ugh!! I had a shit load of paperwork, and he’s really gotta work on this patience thing cuz when he tells me to do something, he expects it to get done right away, but that’s not how life works. No shit happens instantaneously! That is just shit you have to get use to! Arg!! I just wanna punch him in the face.

In other news, Kenny is working an unholy schedule at work. He’s pulling all day shifts!! WTF is that?? The department has a quota to fill by the end of the year and everyone has to work overtime until its met. I don’t know what the quota is exactly, it could be 100 new accounts, it could be 1000 new accounts, and it could be just some random number his boss decided to pull out his ass!! So everyday this week, Kenny has been working 10am to 10pm!! That’s too damn long of a shift! My poor Pookie Bear!!

Today when he called to wake me up for work, his voice was almost gone from talkin’ so much to his clients. If you had to talk for at least 8 of the 10 hours, I bet your voice would be gone too. >_< Everyday this week, I have been giving him morning calls at 8:30am to wake him up for work. Poor guy. The hilarious part is that we now have to wake  each other up for work. Ahaha. Everyday when I call to wake him up, reason A gives me “the look”, but I don’t give a damn. He’s working super hard and if all he wants is to hear my voice first thing in the morning to get his day started, then I’m all for it!! Go Hubby Go!! >_<

Finally some random news, reason A said we’re having dumplings today for dinner. FML. But I did get some ground pork and shrimp so at least we won’t be having veggie dumplings. *DIES* Also it looks like I won’t be getting Monday off, which is gay as shit. Cuz when the mailman came to drop off our mail today he asked Bossman if we’re gonna be open Monday and he told him yes. -__-;; FML. And last but not least, Chris is gonna be back tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes. I am much more level headed now, so hopefully I won’t act or talk irrationally. >_>


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