Happy Go Lucky Oranjuse!

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “There was a time today, where you didn’t respond for a long period. I got worried. I got jealous and I kept thinking that you were talkin’ to him. I know I don’t have any right to be jealous. But when I think about you talking to him instead of me, I just feel… I don’t know.” -Chris

Alright folks! I am having an awesome day today! So there’s lots of good news to report so let’s get started.



First off, we got a box of chocolates from Bossman’s travel agency today! So a free round of chocolates for everyone, and it’s the good kind too! Lol. Ferrero Roche is so damn addicting. @__@;; I had to control myself cuz I’m not a candy person but I love me some chocolate! Lol. I had two pieces and gave the rest to reason A.

Second good news to report is that I called my student loan folks today, although it’s a simple gesture, it took me forever to get around to doing it! I’m such a lazy ass!! Well I had put myself in forbearance for a year because I honestly just do not have the money to pay for it at this moment, but my forbearance was going to be up in January, meaning that I’d have to start back paying my student loans which I still don’t have the money to! So today, I called them asking if they can extend my forbearance ‘til July of 2013. I guess technically this is not good news because it means I’m accumulating interest and not paying off my loan, but the good part comes in later.

I will have finally finished paying off my car payment by June of next year!! Woohoo!! Four and a half freakin’ years folks! Free at last, free at last, God ol’mighty, free at last!! Lol. I know everyone gets excited when they finish paying off their car, but no one is as excited as me cuz my car payment is an arm and a leg!! Its over $450 a month!! WTF!! If I didn’t know any better, I thought I was paying for a BMW!! Good Lawd! Well since I had bad credit at the time and I didn’t put any down payment down, I had to do what I had to do. Good thing is since it’s a high interest debt, my car loan credit score is like in the high 800’s right now! Cuz I’ve never missed a car payment in four and a half years! Woot! Woot! But anyways, I’m digressing. So with my car payment ending in July, I can use that money to go towards the student loan! So I asked them to push the student loan payment start time til July, so that will be an easy transition. Student loan is looking to be about $300 or so a month. Car payment was $450, so I can cover the student loan with no problem and have a little extra to save. Plus I’m “supposed to be” getting that “so-called” raise, starting January, so things are looking good!! I’m so happy! Lol.

Next time I’m happy about is the whole Chris situation. I still have to vent to Runa about it. I’m still as confused as ever, but I’m glad we’re not going to get to talk until Thursday. I needed a few days away from him to sort out my feelings and I really hope he uses this time to think over what he’s attempting to do. I feel flattered that he likes me as much as he does, but I am a soon to be wedded woman. I really wanna stay friends with him, and there’s nothing I can do to stop him from liking me I guess, but I’m trying my best to not ruin the friendship and controlling the situation. The other day he told me that he wants to wait for me. I’m like wait for what? O_o And he said if at any time before or after I get married, Kenny and I don’t work out, he’ll be waiting to marry me. I was like WTF!! Lol. I told him, sure, whatever. Then I told him if me and Kenny live happily ever after then he has to agree to be my kid’s Godparent. Lol!! I know he hates me for that. XD


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